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What is Your Belt’s Personality

SBD Belt Ingrid Name On It

Ingrid’s New SBD Belt Personality

YOUR belt has a belt personality of it’s own too! By now you are probably starting to notice your belt is beginning to take on its own personality traits as they all have their own character. Be that good or bad  I feel that this is out your control as it develops at its own pace. The universe sometimes has plans that you didn’t see coming. Examples of belt personalities are as follows:

1. Fomo . Fear of missing out personality.

You would find that you can’t focus on yourself or your own program   Always looking at everyone else.

Ready to copy and imitate others without any supporting theory. This personality is easily led and doesn’t want to miss out but by doing so derails their own program.

Should I be doing curtzie lunges ? Should I be doing stretchy band stuff  ?

Omg what is she doing ? Maybe I should do that too?

2. Skipping Leg Day.

I’m hoping for your sake you don’t get this belt personality type.

If you do you will find out early on and notice your skipping leg day more often than not.

It’s all about biceps for these people. Come squat day they decide on doing bicep curls in the squat rack

Honestly it’s a hard glitch to fix within the belt personality. (Seriously consider selling the belt but don’t disclose why because you’ll never sell it).

On the up side if you keep it you will have great biceps but  no other developed muscle group.

3 Full time dieter.

Plastic containers will  become your best friend.  This personality type goes from one crazy ass  diet to the next often in short time frame.

These athletes are extreme and don’t give any one diet a chance to succeed before they roll onto the next.

My new diet is the best I can eat as many carbs as I want but only on the stroke of midnight.

Or What if I eat egg shells and celery mixed with hair from a wild bull.  Did you change your diet 5 times this week ?

4. Doof Doof Music Personality. 

Music can inspire and motivate with lyrics or the beat.

This personality is  harmless and fairly self focused.

Earphones are a good excuse not to talk to people because you can’t hear a thing.

Doof Doof people can sometimes change rep speed to the beat of music.

The right chorus can get you an extra rep or two.

5. The Fashionista.

Does fashion improve your lifts, stamina or strength? The fashionista believes this to be true.

They are in season and on trend they lead the way with fashion.

The negatives it’s time consuming and expensive but the positives are you’ll look incredible, glamorous in fact and you’ll get great social media shots.

Often combined with high maintenance personality this person usually know what’s going on around the traps of the gym.

6. Gym Equipment Hog.

This personality to be honest is unpopular with your peers.

You would find yourself hogging equipment ineffectively training, staring into space or snap chatting.

Often found hogging bigger equipment like squat rack, bench press or leg press. Know that you are going to frustrate a whole lot of people but the good thing is that you will be completely oblivious.

7. New Age Seeker.

This spiritual gym goer tries every alternate therapy known to man kind in a search for something extra more zen.

Be that Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Botanical Medicine, Ayureuda, Tarot, Abhyanga, Hot rocks,  Reflexology, Palmistry.,

Breathwork,  Mud Baths,  Mediumship or Sound Therapy just to mention a few.

They will try any modality to get the extra edge they often cut gym sessions short to run to the next appointment.

Did you try something left a field today ?

8 Gun Trainer. Kicks serious goals:

You intimidate everyone and lift crazy heavy.

This belt personality is a small minority of gym goers because they actually know what they are doing.

People are too scared to make eye contact with you let along approach you. People will keep back and well out of your way.

If strength increases dramatically you start getting bulging veins in your head know its you.

People may speculate that your ‘on something’ but no one actually knows.

9.  Sniff Tester 

Personal hygiene is important in the gym setting.

If this personality attaches to you will use the sniff test to see how many days you can get out of gym clothing.

This could be quite a number of days even up to a week as this person doesn’t like washing clothes.

They often forget gym towel and can be an excessive sweater but not necessarily.

Did you do the sniff test this morning?

10. Form Police.

This personality trait  likes to correct peoples form in the gym they can’t help themselves.

Their advice isn’t usually received well They enjoy authority and have loud and unusual opinions.

Some people will find you helpful most will find you confusing or belittling.

If you correct someone’s form make sure you are both talking about the same exercise and not a complete different one.

Did you correct someone’s form today ?

11. Selfie Queen.

This personality type loves selfies and loves to accessorise.

Will take a selfie anywhere and with anyone. Loves to pout mouth, botox, apply multiple filters and try unusual camera angles to get the perfect shot.

Not uncommon for this person to hold a gym membership purely for selfie purposes and not for exercise.

Did you do a selfie today?

12. The Lifer.

They do this for Life.  Super Consistent. This personality has been in and around the gym scene forever.

Part of the background and everyone is comfortable to approach you to ask you anything.

This personality is nursing a few old injuries and is working around an aging body.

They don’t move as well as they used to but their numbers and lifts are very  impressive.

They last the test of time.   Not flashy or fancy just a down to earth consistent gym goer.

So Ingrid I will be interested to see what traits your belt takes on. The belt will have its own character for sure.

Early on there is an adjustment as you merge into the personality types and energies.

Did you choose the SBD belt or did the belt choose you ??
What have you noticed thus far ?

This post was written by my very dear friend LeanneLucy who had Ingrid written on my new SBD and sent to me in the post – God love her. I just love her wit and humour, don’t you? Take a moment and pass a comment as I am often telling her she should be a writer!

PS: If you enjoyed this you might like a little more humour check out:https://www.ingridbarclay.com/blog/ingrid-shares-some-fun-facts-you-didnt-know/

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