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Congratulations to Amanda Wright!

Geelong pt Ingrid Barclay's challenge winner

The 16-Week Body Transformation Challenge judging panel has convened, the finalists have been voted on and I am excited to now announce the overall winner. Congratulations to Amanda Wright!

Below, you can read the Amanda’s story of her time completing the 16-Week Body Transformation Challenge.

Amanda Wright

This is the end of the first 16 weeks of the rest of my life! It really has gone quite quickly!!

I joined the challenge feeling like this was my last chance – and I embraced it with my whole heart – and I am so proud of where I am today.

Not that it was ever about losing weight but I did. Seventeen kilos (Start: 118kg, Finish: 101kg)! I also shrunk; the total reduction was 105cm:

But the more impressive changes are inside. I gained a whole new perspective on nutrition and a HUGE improvement in my overall wellness. My moods are stable and positive, my IBS and my food intolerances are under control. No longer are my severe reactions to salicylates an excuse to treat my body like a dumpster!

I really and truly enjoyed this Challenge – it wasn’t my first and rather than count down the days until it was over, I was fully invested in the changes I had made and actually enjoyed myself. I very gratefully appreciated the encouragement to continue to train with my CrossFit Coach and maintain a training style that I love.

Despite suffering a back injury in the early weeks of the challenge that made me unable to weight train for over 8 weeks, I am proud to say I still managed to PB a number of lifts including my deadlift (+35kg) and back squat (+30kg). This was due, to both the huge amount of extra energy I now have AND my newfound belief that I could.

What was hard? My husband was hard. He is the Lord of Snacks and his nutrition is not great. The temptations were real and constant, I just got better at managing myself around them…. Easter? Meh!

The weekly FB live sessions taught me so much. I embraced Ingrid’s ‘14 Missions in 28 Days’ wholeheartedly and many of these are sticking around long term. The sessions on Self Concept and Goal Setting were game changers for me.

Realising that I am a 2-3 year project was overwhelming. But I’m breaking it up into 16 week blocks with goals – if I can do this 16 weeks, I can do another (and another, and another)!!

My Message to Anyone Considering a Future Challenge: DO IT – NOW!

Give yourself wholeheartedly to the process and believe. You reap the rewards for the hard work you put in. To quote one someone who inspires me:

“Don’t skip the Fu*king Struggle (because that’s where the growth is!)” – Rachael Arruda.

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