Ingrid Barclay

Ingrid Barclay

, Trainer
Who is Ingrid? Ingrid Barclay is the proud creator and director of Body Conquest Personal Training and...

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Body Recomposition Package

A 6 or 12 month complete workout and nutrition support for non-competitors (yet you might be wanting to compete in the near future).

This package is aimed at the intermediate to advanced trainee who wishes to radically change their physique – to look, feel, and perform better.


  • Initial comprehensive assessment
  • Customised sports nutrition program designed to help you reach your all-time best ever physique
  • Weekly high intensity workouts to create a stronger, more powerful athlete and improve symmetry if desired.
  • Use of the Body Conquest recomposer app for easy tracking of all data, both body assessment, nutrition and training (including every weight/set/rep)
  • Weekly body composition check ins and nutritional changes


Packages start at $1500 for the 6 month program, or $3000 for the 12 month program.

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