end emotional eating

Topics Covered:

  • The Hidden Reasons Why You Sabotage Your Programs and Nutrition – And What you can do about it!

  • The AWARE principles – 5 steps to overcome emotional eating. Using belief power, not will-power to transform your body and create a healthy relationship with food.

  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Replacing them with new beliefs

  • Completing Your Social Inventory (you are who you surround yourself with). How to combat negativity and not succumb to peer-group pressures.

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End Emotional Eating

If you have been trying to diet since you can remember, having more “I’ll start on Monday again” than there is Monday’s, this is the course for you.

Using willpower is only a short term stop gap if you have periods where you binge eat. Let’s call it “inappropriate eating, for your fitness and health goals”.

We use food for many reasons outside of mere energy needs and building material for our bodies. Food is used as the centrepiece of social gatherings, it’s used for comfort, it’s used to obtain good feelings, to cope with bad feelings and for some people, food can literally become a central focus of their entire lives.

There’s no denying that food can be one of life’s great pleasures, and to deny ourselves completely of the pleasures and feelings that food can provide is counterproductive in the long term.

That’s why it’s important to avoid “all or none thinking” when it comes to food, such as, “I’m either completely on or completely off my diet.”

We need to allow ourselves enough lenience for our favourite foods so that we don’t feel deprived, but demand from ourselves enough compliance to constructive eating that we get the health and fitness results we want.

That said, the emotional relationship you have with food can be the difference between success or failure on your fitness journey. To develop a healthy relationship with food that keeps you healthy and fit, it’s imperative to become consciously aware of what you believe about food, and how you use food outside of your physical needs.

I offer individuals the opportunity to work one on one with myself with respect to improving their relationship towards food. These coaching services will be done via telephone and/or Skype of 50 minutes duration over each of the 4 sessions.


Expected Outcomes:

  1. Identification of triggers both in and out of your control
  2. How to combat the triggers
  3. How to replace old habits with new ones
  4. Identifying core beliefs about food
  5. replacing your core beliefs about food if necessary
  6. Identifying YOUR roadblocks
  7. Articulating your own bundle of self-concepts
  8. Understanding how your self- concept affects your behaviours
  9. Undergo a social inventory
  10. Have a plan of attack and some positive statements to use in stressful situations
  11. Have created a new ‘self-belief’ system
  12. Have tools and strategies in place to permanently end emotional eating.


You must be prepared to journal for the 4 weeks. You must be prepared to do the homework and the practical work requested so as to glean as much as you can from the course. You must also be happy to speak openly but in complete confidence to me. The more you can express yourself the more you will take away with you.

The cost of the course is $300, to be paid in full at commencement

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