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One Time Diet

This is a one- time only diet plan to take you where you need to go. We can prescribe it to help with maximum fat loss, increased muscle, and increased performance in mind.

You will be guided on how to eat on both training and non-training days (the two will be vastly different). Each meal will be constructed to be metabolically precise. This means, we create the right internal environment on a cellular level for fat loss and muscle growth.

You will be guided on how and what to consume both in your metabolic window and outside of it. This is called chrononutrition, or the science of nutrient timing.

If you wish I can also include suggested supplements depending on your need, results wanted and budget. Most of your nutrients, trace minerals and vitamins will come from your quality nutrition choices but there are a short number of great quality supplements that will be assured to assist you in fantastic results (and no, fat burners and l carnitine are not either of them!).


I will need you to fill out both our metabolic classification form and lifestyle snapshot which is an extensive list of questions covering your health, history, likes, dislikes, nutrition and training. Along with this information I suggest you also attach 3 photographs (front, side and rear) so that we can assess your current level of muscle tissue and body fat.

After reviewing your highly individualised plan you will have 7 days to ask me any and all questions you have to best maximise your nutrition plan to your needs.

Only $250 for a fully personalised eating plan

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