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Maintenance Is Key!

Maintenance is Most Important

Recomposition change, more muscle, less body fat is the “Holy Grail’ of fitness.

Once you have “achieved” your goal you want to maintain it.

And listening to maintainers not losers is key

I have made virtually every mistake under the sun as a personal trainer and coach.

Including running 6-week shredding contests.

Transformation 12-week challenges

Dieting people really hard on low calories for short periods of time

Listing “good” and “bad” foods (good for whom, bad for what)?

Not focusing on the process but only the end result

Even, ignoring warning signs…..

How My Coaching Philosophy Has Changed

It’s funny how you can come full circle.

Now not much more gets my hackles up than pt.’s promising crazy results in x period of time.

The truth is, 99% of people have ZERO idea of where their metabolism really is at.

Most people on the weight loss cycle have diabolically repressed metabolisms

The majority of people do NOT understand what recomposition actually means.

Most people with a 28%-48% body fat issue are a 2–3-year prospect.

2-3 years.

Not a sexy sell – but it’s the truth.

90% do not maintain or keep their fitness results.

And it’s about time personal trainers and so-called coaches started explaining this to their potential new clients.

Sure, you can get results faster we all know that.

But how many times do you have to lose the same 20-30kilograms?


I am no longer interested in quick results at all.

Keen to help people create new habits.

Wanting to change people’s beliefs about food.

Intent on showing people that food is their solution, NOT their problem.

I am drawn in the long-term.

The maintainers

Because anyone can white-knuckle through a few weeks, or, even months.

But years is a different story.

Originally, I really wanted to do a 2–3-year maintenance challenge.

But I was told to start with baby steps.

An additional 8 months on top of 4 months of change is a step in the right direction.


Because the fitness industry thrives on confusion and mixed knowledge.

That’s how it continues to turn over millions.

Consumer confusion

And body recomposition and habit change isn’t confusing.

You can eliminate start up confusion by clicking https://www.ingridbarclay.com/blog/a-word-on-fat-loss/

Maintenance should not be difficult.

Yet everything is made to appear difficult.

Hence why many people require a proper coach.

Not a bodybuilding coach that diets people to get lean

A coach with a coaching skillset to facilitate long-term change.

Here is a great resource if you are researching coaches right now!



I am busting a gut to reward someone for long-term behavioral change.

For creating a whole “new normal” for themselves.

We want to listen to why maintainers are successful.

Not the losers (who then gain)

Maintainers hold our best hints as to the HOW.

16-week Best Recomposition

So, the 16-week best transformation wins a great prize.

But the Best Maintainer wins an even bigger one.

Because to me that is more impressive.

And this is what our whole industry should want for each and every individual.

So yes, I am proud and excited for my 2023 challenge I think it is a real positive.

And it sits well with me. Mentally and ethically.

I like to sleep well at night! 😊  The smartest transformation is the slow n steady one.

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