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Yes, a bloke ACTUALLY said this to me

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  • A friend

    It is a shame that you had to endure such a horrible thing to have a moron question you as for who are, what you have achieved in your life and so forth. I have your picture/s on google and you look both amazing and beautiful, don’t ever forget that Ms Barclay.

    • Ingrid Barclay

      Thank you kindly. Yes it was pretty shitty at the time that’s for sure.

    • Ingrid Barclay

      thank you so much for being supportive. It can be tough out there! x 🙂

      • a friend

        Never let it be said that YOU tried, and he didn’t even give YOU consideration as to what YOU are doing for YOU. Remember, and this must sound selfish, but if you can’t love yourself first, then others won’t, and others have to be accepting what you are doing for you. The rest of us are just a bonus in your life. Have a beautiful day. xxx

  • Gordon

    Oh wow! I can’t believe – no, I’m sorry I do believe – that people can be so horrible. You are you. I have never met you, but having visited your website I can tell you are wonderful. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. BTW, I bet my house on the fact that this person has never dedicated themself to anything compared to the dedication you have put into sculpting your body.

    • Ingrid Barclay

      Thank you kindly I appreciate you taking time out to say so. Yes people’s tongues can be whiplashes. I also try to ask 2 things before I say something negative….”Is it true?” and “is it necessary?”…….9 times out of ten it’s not either….so I say nothing at all and ask “what is going on for me?”… 🙂

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