Every PT gives a lot of lip service to “individualisation”. However not a lot of it actually goes on. Coaching is not personal training, and coaching is what I do. Coaching is client centered and therefore I work collaboratively “with” you, not “on” you. Everything revolves around what is do-able for you within the framework of your lifestyle. We work out how we can best enable you to significantly improve behavioural habits on a consistent basis moving forward.

Yes, I provide professional, result-orientated blueprints but I am proactively engaged in the journey alongside you in a genuine coaching capacity. I am not married to any particular style of eating, nor mode of training. Again, everything is centred around your personal sensitivities, proclivities and working within your limitations be that time, injury or lifestyle constraints. Although I have a large body of domain knowledge, it is my ability to actually pass on my knowledge that elevates me to “coach” level, not personal trainer. My role is to maximise your adherence. The more you adhere to suggestions, instructions and directions that are collaboratively made, the higher your success rate will be. Therefore, communication and the underpinning traits of coaching are paramount: garnering respect, being encouraging, teaching, providing constructive feedback, reasonings and support when necessary. Creating mastery for you, so that you become unconsciously competent is where I would like you to become.

I have expertise in a few primary areas including: