Back view of a muscular shirtless fitness man doing pull-ups on a horizontal bar in the gym.

INGRID'S CHallenge 2023

4 Month TRansformation &
8 Month Maintenance challenge

Had enough fat days? Sick of starting over? Done with diets? Desire to get your metabolism functioning optimally once and for all? Ready to quit the “all or nothing” approach? Then this is for you.

In my 3 plus decades of coaching experience in the fitness industry, training in-house and on-line clients from all over the world I have learned how to facilitate significant change in people physically, emotionally, mentally and behaviourally. I do not have a specific “best way” to train. Nor do I have a personal, favourite dietary approach that I push. As Anthony Robbins famously once said “success leaves clues” and real world experience, coupled with the science of fat loss and muscle growth has taught me a terrific starting base for almost everyone and then how to adapt it and make it flexible so that each client can stay consistent with their exercise and nutrition, enjoy it, sustain it and allow it to simply become their lifestyle.

I am not big on “tricks, smoke and mirrors”, nor on supplements and crazy fads, that come, then go, leaving many people further frustrated, disappointed and destroying their self-worth thinking that somehow, THEY are the failure. I don’t try and re-invent the wheel and get fancy. When it comes to less body fat and more muscle you cannot go wrong if you stick to the basics and ensure your foods suit your personal sensitivities and proclivities.

There is 1 thing I am sick of!

I have been guilty of it too in the past – hey, we all make mistakes.

I am sick of challenges that really are just “quick fixes”. They are short term-solutions and they reward the person who does the best in that time-frame but as you well know, it is often the person who is in a mental place to “white-knuckle” their way through that time-frame.

How often does one person have to lose and gain the same kilograms year after year?

Why do we not promote MAINTENANCE?

Maintainers not Losers

What does impress me? What gets my attention? What makes me think “WOW” this person is really “getting it”….living the lifestyle.

Because you know everyone wants to look like they live the “lifestyle” but no one seems to really want to live it, you know what I’m saying?

I pay attention to what the “long term maintainers” have to say – those are the people who have maintained an ideal body fat percentage (or weight) for over the space of at least a couple of years.

I believe we shouldn’t so much listen to “losers”… but rather, listen to maintainers! Those that uphold their fat loss for a long period of time.

Now 8 months isn’t quite years. But it’s a start in the right direction, isn’t it?

I am excited to offer the grand prize to the person who does this whole, 1 year challenge because I firmly believe their likelihood to revert back to their previous habits will be significantly decreased.

Enter now for as little as $49 to win $1000 plus other prizes

You can also register for one of the more advanced entry levels which give you even more great value. Simply keep scrolling for more info.

Whatever your goals are if you choose to enter the challenge at any of entry levels 2, 3, 4 or 5, I can help you do a complete physical, mental, behavioural and emotional transformation.

I can teach you how to:

  • Lose the last 4 to 5 kilograms of persistent fat (women: hip area, thighs, and triceps… Men: love handles and “man boobs”)

  • Drop over 50kg’s plus if you’re very overweight. This isn’t a 16-week proposition but you WILL learn the tools within the 4-months to continue to go it alone.

  • Prep for a fitness, figure, bikini or bodybuilding challenge, or, just to look like one!
  • Gain lean muscle – again, this takes time but I will teach you how to make this happen instead of remaining confused and frustrated because you aren’t seemingly getting results even though you are working hard.

  • Increase your strength – overall strength, strength in specific lifts or everyday “functional strength” or, if powerlifting interests you, that’s now my current forte. Let’s get to it and build a base for you to do a novice comp.

  • Achieve optimal health: reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol, lower your disease risk, improve bone density and manage your blood sugar.

But it’s not just these physical changes that are the best part. The real win for you is it’s more than a Body Transformation – this could change your entire life!

Once you’ve transformed your body the healthy way, what happens to you on a mental, emotional, and social level is even more thrilling! By training with my tried, true and tested programs, coupled with my no-nonsense fresh produce, tasty, quick, delicious metabolically precise meals the following changes have been cited by many past triumphant clients.

  • Feel more confident in your clothes or naked
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Wind back the ageing clock significantly. Take years off your biological age
  • Increase your zest and vitality
  • Be more social, enjoying pool parties or time at the beach
  • Be more active with your family

If you are seeking a basic, thorough, “no-frills” approach, that is nutritionally sound and balanced this is the challenge for you. This lifestyle program can be employed for 4-months or a lifetime, even if you are busy, have certain dietary restrictions, or have never even been to a gym before! The fact that is has a maintenance phase whereby you can continue to learn habit hacks from me, the more you will increase your metabolic rehabilitation. And along the way you will receive many motivational strategies to help you to stick to your plan.

OVER $20,000 IN PRIZES TO BE WON register NOW

Here's When

The official start date for the 2023 challenge this year is January 2nd 2023, and the last day you can enter is December 31st  2022. No matter when you sign up and pay your start date is January 2nd and your transformation component lasts 4 months (16 weeks) until the 1st May 2023.

Early-bird registration will open on November 1 st  2022, so you can get a really great head start on preparing for your first day. All relevant material (4, 4 week programs, complete nutrition guide, details of how to construct your personalised cardio plan, tips for taking great “before” and afters and Ingrid’s Best Tips for an Amazing Transformation) will be sent within 48 hours of payment, possibly sooner for all level 2 entrants.

If you also enter the 8-month“Best Maintainer” you must send your “maintenance” final photographs by 11.59pm 3 rd January 2024.

By entering as an early bird not only does this give you 20% off each of the 5 entry levels prices for BOTH parts of the contest but it allows you to be able to review everything and ensure total preparation for your start date, including checking of all your exercise demonstrations on the Ingrid Barclay YouTube channel.

Early bird offer begins on November 1st 2022 and closes November 30th 2022.

Here's Who

This challenge is open to all Figure It Out followers, subscribers to the Ingrid Barclay website, Ingrid Barclay’s strength gym, fans, past and previous clients, newcomers and indeed anyone who wants “in”.

This is your opportunity to be part of something where the challenge is aimed at actually keeping the physique and habits that you wish to change. This coming year, 2023 make ‘true’ of your New Year’s resolutions. If you want to change your physical appearance as best you can, in a time-frame, with support, here is your perfect opportunity.

If you want to hang onto the changes, then this suits you even more so.

You can also invite your friends, family and co-workers. (Please feel free to forward this page to your friends and share on all social media platforms).

Here's WHERE

The challenge is held right here, online, in the private Facebook group for all transformer and maintainer participants (with the exception of entry level 5).

Fantastically, this means you can enter from anywhere in the world.

All you require is an internet connection and a burning desire to change and keep your physique. A strong interest in being educated on various facets of health and fitness would be a bonus as I will be imparting a lot of great information.

Professional Advice You Can Trust...
from An Independent Trainer, Transformation Specialist, Bodybuilder & Powerlifter with Over 30 Years’ Experience...
“I loved that Ingrid set everyone up for success with a variety of workout programs given their ability and training style. She was also there to answer questions on these programs or clarification on the trainings so we could continue to progress in the time allotted for each four weeks split. Even though I am not lucky enough to be in Australia and be closer to train with Ingrid herself, I truly believe this 16 week challenge was perfect for anyone around the globe.
Valierie McMinn

Over the course of more than 3 decades I have seen incredible things in a fortnight! From a state bodybuilding show to a National one 2 weeks later I have seen competitors beat who they were beaten by 2 weeks previously.


They worked harder, and applied themselves better. My 12-week fat loss course for years demonstrated some absolutely outstanding results. By adding a further 4 weeks to make it 16 weeks is short enough to keep your focus laser-like but long enough to elicit some jaw-dropping, eye-popping changes.

Incredible changes are more than possible, especially if you have a great program, proper nutritional advice, support, accountability, greater knowledge and like-minded people around you. This is a magical mixture of success and why wouldn’t you want to be a part of the possibilities?

Categorically no! This is not what the judging panel is looking for. If you are not in great shape but you have a lot of potential for change then you are perfectly capable of taking out the win.

Similarly, if you are in reasonably good shape, but there is evidence of great refinement, additional muscle, perhaps some sharpening up and improved shape overall you are equally as capable of taking out the win.

The Grand Prize will certainly sort out those that “do quick fixes” versus those who are truly committed to life-long behavioural change.

The judging panel will pick the winners who make the greatest personal improvements between the before and after for the first section. Then they shall choose who they feel maintained or even improved upon their initial 4 months. Anyone who has room for improvement can win and that would mean just about everyone on the planet!

6-packs and separated quadriceps are not expected.

Perhaps look at the 2020 winner and placegetters. They were all very different body types.

Think about this for a moment. What if you do all this hard work and you miss out on first, second or third? What’s your outcome? Worst case scenario is, you just got your physique back, and could even be in the BEST condition of your life.


An added bonus is that will have learned so much valuable information that you can apply. Further, you might just make some new friends!


If your journey is only just getting started by the end of 4 months, you have 8 months to continue to improve.


How exciting is that!

The winner of Best Body Recomposition will win a $1000 cash prize PLUS a 2 night/3 day fitness Staycation with Ingrid Barclay – coach extraordinaire.  This stayover is valued at $4000.  Details of what exactly the staycation involves can be found at

This staycation is your ultimate fitness experience to educate yourself and take your results to a far greater level than you could imagine and learn some of Ingrid’s best advice and knowledge in her lifetime of fat reduction, muscle gain, strength gains and health. A magnificent prospect whether you’re a newbie or advanced this will be an incredibly eye-opening and resourceful, inspiring stayover.

We can construct the winner’s stay exactly to your needs. Everything is flexible, and from the link you can see that I run quite an incredible number of different, specialist workshops. There is nothing like Ingrid’s fitness staycations offered anywhere in the world and video footage and testimonials can be found on her website and also YouTube channel.

The winner will also receive a $100 gift voucher from Yondit Apparel -clothing that makes you feel confident!

Second placegetter will win themselves a matchless SBD Belt valued at $330 and a pair of SBD knee sleeves valued at $140. They will also receive a $100 gift voucher from Yondit Apparel -as clothing you wear correlates directly to how you feel, and you want to feel awesome! Finally, they will receive a large tub of International Protein powder valued at $164

Third prize is a $100 clothing voucher from the amazing active wear Yondit and a large tub of International Protein powder valued at $164

There is also an Ingrid Barclay gift voucher valued at $500  “Encouragement Award” for someone who has done a great job thus far, possibly against some obstacles, as incentive to keep on going with their fitness and health journey.

This voucher can be used for anything available in the Ingrid Barclay shop or put towards a program or staycation of a higher value.

Ingrid’s Fitness Message

I wish to bequeath the Grand Prize to the Best Maintainer. Why? Because this is the message the whole fitness industry should be espousing. Not the “quick fixes”, short challenges that only further contribute to repressed metabolisms and a worsened relationship with food.

The winner of Best Maintainer will win themselves a 4 night/5 day fitness staycation with Ingrid in Geelong. This staycation with all of the manuals provided is valued at $12,000. The winner will also win $3000 cash.

At the risk of sounding completely cliché I cannot convey enough; this staycation will significantly change your life on many levels

That’s over $20,000 in prizes to be won PLUS your wonderful, new physique!


Just a few quick words on my fitness staycation…..

The energy, courage, strength both muscular and mental and perseverance it takes to become more in tune with who you are, how your personality affects various aspects of your life, what your relationships indicate about you, and how you are involved in what life is handing you is great.

This all affects your fitness and performance. Of that I am clear.

Recognising that you are a player in your own life, seizing the day and embracing new fitness, business and personal growth opportunities, and changing your thoughts and behaviours to reflect your beliefs and core values is not always easy.

You may feel that you do not know yourself at all.

Opening yourself up for self-discovery creates vulnerability and sometimes much anxiety. I will be getting you to push your own boundaries. The space you create in my fitness staycation with me, is safe. And the pain in which we suffer in an attempt to heal and thus, to grow, is never as great as that which could be permanent if we made the choice to do nothing.

If you don’t have such heavy issues, great, let’s see where your athletic pursuits and partnering up with me shall lead you.

You must have your before photos taken and posted on the 2nd May by 11.59pm. They will be posted on the private website page of which you will be given access too. Only the judging panel shall see these photographs. They shall choose their final 10 to consider.  


For first-class results I advise you to read and follow my “best tips for before and after photos”.


**Please note, if I receive a large number of entrants this may become the Top 15, or Top 20**


The winners will be considered to have done the best recomposition – keeping in mind it is not solely a fat loss challenge, the maintenance or building of muscle is to be taken into account as well.


The panel of judges are made up of people I have chosen. They will not know any of the entrants. The judges have had collectively many decades of participation and knowledge of personal training, bodybuilding and fitness.

They will each cast their votes for first, second and third and for the encouragement award.

In the event of any tie, I shall nominate a final, new judge to cast the deciding vote.

For the Encouragement Award, the essay will also be very important to take into account for the final decision.

No arguments will be entered into and the judge’s decisions will be final.

“I  had never done a challenge as long as 16 weeks before.  Shorter challenges yes, but even then, I hadn't stuck to them. The difference with this one was the support during the challenge (mainly the Facebook lives), which helped to keep me disciplined. There was always useful information provided that I gradually introduced and kept which secured some fitness habits for me. The information always made sense and was often science based which suits my needs as I didn't feel that I was following something 'fluffy'. “

Kirsten Whisson


“I signed up for Ingrid  Barclay's16 Week Challenge to get healthier as I was just put on cholesterol tablets and I wanted to lose weight 

I have learnt so much from Ingrid and her Q and A Live on Facebook every week, they were fabulous.
I have really loved doing the 16 week challenge and I would enjoy doing it again next time.  I would highly recommend other people wanting expert knowledge, accountability and structure to do it .
I really felt the Facebook page was integral to my success, getting to know and encourage a lot of the other people in the challenge .”

Jacinta Spadon


Enter Level 1: Basic now for $49

You can also use the "Register Now" buttons to sign-up for higher entry levels, and I will be in touch personally to complete your sign-up.

Methods of Entry

there are many ways to participate

As you can see there is fabulous options, suitable for every person, every budget with differing needs. It just depends upon what suits you best.


Please note: If option 5 is taken and there are specific COVID restrictions in Geelong at the time, we will work around it in the best way possible. Some options can include, zoom or skype meetings, outdoor sessions at headquarters (I have plenty of outdoors space), and in-depth video analysis of exercise execution if we can’t be in person. Please note all training programs can be adapted to training at home if need be, with only the equipment that you have. As I often say “there is a solution to every problem”.


Again, it should be noted that each person is taken uniquely and equal access to information, personal effort, attention and care goes into absolutely EVERY participant (according to level of entry). The more successful physical and mental changes everyone has the better.

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The maintenance part is the most important. I am extraordinarily excited about my challenge for 2023. I firmly believe that this component of the contest is sending the right message about ‘recompositional and habitual change’ to the fitness world.

As a coach I want all clients to become “unconsciously competent”.

The whole fitness industry should want this for each individual.

Instead, it makes millions of dollars by ensuring confusion and unsustainability.

Unconsciously competent meaning, that individuals behave and sustain habits that allow them to have the body and health they want without thinking about. It becomes automated behaviour.

Hence, the GRAND PRIZE is bestowed to the winner of the BEST MAINTAINER.

The maintenance part of the challenge begins immediately after the 4-momth recomposition.

The 25th of April is the start date and it ends on the 2nd January 2024. Final photographs must be received by 11.59pm 3rd January 2024.

If you are looking for a true, sustainable life-change then no more procrastination. Time to commit and take action.

As they say “in for the penny, in for the pound”.

Therefore, if you sign up for both the  4-month recompostion challenge AND the 8-month maintenance challenge during the early bird special you will receive a 20% discount on the maintenance challenge component as well.

Therefore, the cost of the basic entry decreases from $49 to $39.20  Gold falls from $320 to $256 and Platinum reduces from $560 to a crazy $448 considering the amount of learning, intellectual property and contact with Ingrid goes.

If you are uncertain, you can choose to continue on to the 8-month maintenance challenge during the last week of the challenge, so you can contact and advise Ingrid of your entry and pay your entry between the dates of 17th April until the 23rd April, 2023. Should you choose this option full entry payment will be required.

The winner of the GRAND PRIZE will be required to provide a video testimonial that will be used by Ingrid Barclay for promotional reasons on any of her social media platforms. The testimonial will be based upon the main part of the winnings – the 4-night 5-day fitness staycation.

The winner will need to be happy to be videoed throughout the staycation in order for Ingrid to demonstrate her coaching ability to significantly improve technique to any standard of lifter. These videos will primarily be used on Ingrid’s YouTube channel but also other platforms.

The winner is expected to provide a very honest and thoughtful testimonial on how they truly found the experience. Ingrid is not looking for “talking it up”. Rather, it is imperative that the winner speaks genuinely in order to help those considering booking a staycation make their decision. Constructive feedback will always be welcome.

The winner will also agree for Ingrid Barclay to use their story, written testimonial and photographs for further promotional reasons.

Methods of Entry

What Entry Options Are There If I Wish to be in the Running for Best Maintainer?

REGISTER today for
any entry level


You’re never too old to improve your health and fitness. I am in my 50’s and in the best shape of my life. I train people in their 60’s and 70’s. There is no good reason you can’t make major changes at any age. Just get your medical clearance!

Absolutely you can. I have done a home program for exactly these conditions. Ideally it would be great to have a fit ball. They are so versatile and cheap and I can get you doing any number of exercises with it. We can work with a floor and a chair! If you happen to have some bands, a handful of dumbbells, kettlebell, bench or similar they are just bonuses. I have some exchanges in the event that you have a squat rack. A cheap and helpful addition could be a skipping rope. You do not need to outlay much or even any money to be able to do this at home following my home program. And yes! You can achieve wonderful things and even win – there is no reason why you can’t. I trained a figure girl once to a Miss Australia in what was basically a poorly equipped home gym!”

Those of you familiar with me and my ethos know I don’t “do” diets. It’s not high carb, low carb, intermittent fasting, keto, paleo, none of that. It’s real food. You can catch it, pick it off a tree or pull it out of the ground. Don’t expect a lot of packaged food sources. Man-made processed junk is not part of my list of healthy foods for body recomposition. There are no surprises in it – you are unlikely to find ice-cream and tim-tams in your food sources, you are very likely to find chicken and stone fruit on the other-hand.

In short, most definitely. I have covered food choices and sensitivities in my nutrition program. Whatever is on there that you cannot or do not wish to eat – simply don’t eat it. If there is something on there that you enjoy a lot, you can choose to consume it a lot. If it is not do-able and sustainable for you, you won’t succeed and I want to set you up with every chance of success. It’s for meat- eaters and plant-based only people alike and everything in-between.

Again, it doesn’t matter what your food intolerances are. If you can’t eat something off the food sources list, then don’t eat it! Gluten intolerance is common. You can easily work around it. My nutrition program is very flexible so you can adapt it for most special dietary needs.

Lactose intolerance is even more common than gluten intolerance. It’s easy to work around it because my food sources are healthy and is so flexible. You don’t have to eat dairy products if you don’t want to. Simple.

No, you do not. Again, I have witnessed outstanding achievements through good nutrition, recovery and weight training alone. However, there are a couple, three to be precise that I would definitely recommend that I refer to as my “Holy Trinity”. In options level 2,3 and 4 you would hear all about these, what their benefits for you are and how I suggest that you take them.

In short no. You can take any approach to this you like. Weight training only. Food only. Weights and food change. Food and cardio. Weights and cardio. The advantage of having some guidance with what to do through me is I can teach you how to cardio whilst not losing any muscle as remember, recomposition is the challenge! Keep in mind, walking is excellent as a recovery tool.

I have ensured I have covered most scenario’s in the program options. But the answer to this is easy. Because you will have access to the live Q and A, in your first week you can simply ask me what suitable exchanges you can make for any exercises you have uncertainties about. You also have the ability to ask me WHY I have a particular exercise in there as part of the program as a great coach will have a good answer for this question.

This is NOT a weight loss challenge, it’s a body recomposition challenge. You can expect to lose about 1-2 pounds of FAT per week, without losing muscle. If you sign up to levels 2, 3 4  or 5 you will know it’s pure fat because I’ll teach you how to test and track your body fat level. If you enter at level 2, all of your information again is aimed at losing fat and gaining muscle. If you’re very heavy, then 1% of your body weight per week (about 1-1.5kg if you’re 90kg’s plus) is safe and realistic (larger and fatter individuals are more likely to lose faster than smaller and leaner individuals). Extra weight loss is common the first week or two, but that’s usually water weight. Faster fat loss is possible but not likely for most people.

The answer to this question also relates to your ability to stay consistent and compliant. It is likely that those who have less “free days/free meals” and don’t blow off their workouts are going to have a higher chance of winning or placing in this competition.

You can choose to take your starting photo at any time in the week prior to the Challenge start date.

Image requirements are as follows:


  • You must be holding a copy of any national daily newspaper published in Australia, or your country (but not a local paper please) with the front page clearly showing and within 24 hours of the newspapers date. This is done to verify the date the picture was taken at the correct time for this competition.


  • Male – Form-fitting shorts or bathers are preferred, showing legs and torso.
  • Female – two-piece bathing suit or bra and undies are best.
  • *Be sure not to cut your legs off or cover them in long pants. If you cover up parts of your body it will be difficult to show your progress. Basically, less is best!


  • Stand with your arms at your sides in the image—no posing – facing forwards.
  • Hold a copy of a newspaper (as per above) clearly displaying the front page, but not covering your body (or as minimal as possible).
  • Take your photo in front of a white or plain background if possible.
  • Try to include your whole body from head to toe in the image, or as much as possible.
  • Try to fill the photograph with your whole body. If you stand too far away, it may be hard to see your progress and impressive results.
  • No picture can be treated or in any way enhanced after they have been taken.

Please make sure you read my article on “How to take Great “Before and After” Photos.

I do not refund for change of mind. For full information on my payment and refund policy please refer to my Terms & Conditions.

If you enter Level 2 option you will receive all of your accompanying information within 48 hours of payment.

If you enter Level 3, 4 or 5 options you will be emailed a copy of my metabolic classification and lifestyle snapshot within 24 hours. You will need to fill that out in as much detail as possible as the more information I have about you the better. You will then have your highly individualised program and nutritional advice emailed to you within 48 hours of having sent through your metabolic classification and lifestyle snapshot. The exception to this, is if I have further questions and you are tardy with your email response.

Level 3, 4 and 5 are time consuming and of course more detailed and targeted and thus, accordingly take more time as I need to learn more about you as an individual. All first educations/zoom meetings for the on-line course and in-house training will begin the week starting January 4th.

If you are overseas when the Challenge finishes, yet you started the challenge in Australia, you can still complete the process as long as you have access to the internet and Ingrid Barclay website.

If you won’t have access (or are unsure if you will) you can prepare your answers to the finishing questions, to complete your essay in advance, take your photos, and give these along with your login details to someone who will have access to the internet, who can complete it on your behalf.

If you are unable to have someone do it for you, you can still participate in the Challenge but unfortunately you will not ‘officially’ complete the Challenge, and simply will not be eligible for judging.

They will only see the before/after/progress photos, and any fitness stats or information you have logged attached, (e.g. weight, fitness test results etc). They will not however be able to see any of your private details like your phone number, or address, which are only recorded for the purposes of getting in contact with you or awarding prizes.

If you wish to change to another level above basic, providing the option is not already full, you can upgrade by calling Ingrid Barclay on 0424180093, emailing at [email protected] and making the balance of payment over the phone or doing a direct transfer.

  1. Starting and Finishing weight: Skinfolds (if done), Dexa scan (if done), Body Fat % (if done).
  2. What did you like most about the challenge?
  3. What was the hardest thing about your challenge?
  4. What impact has the challenge had on your life?
  5. What would you say to people who are thinking of doing the challenge?
  6. Anything else you would like to tell us about your challenge?

This is a very important part of the challenge. In particular it might really be the deciding factor in for example, the “encouragement award”. So open up, be vulnerable and share your challenge journey!