Controversial & Illegal Shredding Strategies
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If you want to lose fat fast without causing muscle wasting, destroying your metabolism, or having to follow an unsustainable plan, this book is for you.

Some of the things we’ll cover are:

  • The 19 best fat loss strategies that you can use starting today. They’re ranked according to their effectiveness and aggressiveness so that you can select the ones that suit you the best.
  • One of the most controversial but powerful fat loss techniques. (Elite-level physique athletes use this to put their bodies into an optimal fat-burning state.)
  • Why “ICE workouts” are excellent for fat loss. (Hint: it causes excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, which helps your body burn more calories and fat even when you do nothing.)
  • One of the most effective science-backed fat loss techniques that most people overlook. (It has nothing to do with dieting or cardio.)
  • Whether you should slash your calories when aiming to lose fat, and if so, how aggressively. (Most people go wrong here.)
  • How to reap the fat loss benefits of (fasted) morning cardio without triggering muscle loss.
  • The truth on whether you should use intermittent fasting if you want to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass.
  • Whether keto is a smart idea for getting lean while maintaining muscle. (Keto has gained a lot of popularity over the years, but is it actually effective?)
  • A no B.S. section on various performance-enhancing drugs. (You don’t have to use those substances. In fact, most people should steer away from them. But I’ve included this so that you’re well-informed and can decide whether they are the right decision for you.)
  • What ski slopes can teach you about getting ripped safely and sustainably.
  • How to cycle your calorie and carb intakes for maximum results. This is my all-time favourite method to shred up females. I love this approach because it works well ,mentally and physically and is sustainable.
  • And much more.

Understanding risks and benefits enhances your training experience by giving you clearer distinctions, providing you with more choices, and helping you make better decisions. And not talking about drugs is burying your head in the sand when we really need more access to this information to better enable us to make our choices.

For example, some exercises have low risk and high benefit, making them excellent choices for almost anyone.

Some nutritional practices have high risk and low benefit, which usually indicates they best be avoided.

There are pharmaceuticals with high risk and high benefit, which means choosing to use it/them, although risky, could have high value to trainees under certain circumstances. The same can be said for certain nutritional practices.  So if interested on my perspective, click the “add to cart” button now.

10 reviews for Controversial & Illegal Shredding Strategies

  1. Jo Gregan

    “Great Read.
    Ingrid’s opinion of each fat loss modality creates a clear overview of the common strategies used in the pursuit of body fat loss and obtaining the “ideal body composition”. Ingrid is honest in her approach and the information she provides will provide a solid base from which you can start your own learning journey.”

    • Ingrid Barclay

      Thanks Jo for reading and reviewing. Your opinion matters a lot being such an amazing girl and lifter yourself.

  2. Nat Adams

    I was privvy to the anxiety Ingrid felt writing this book. Upon reading it I can only say that as usual she writes with candor. The topic is contentious but I felt Ingrid remained focused on facts, values, detriments without the judgement. Very topical and I really feel women thinking of “making certain choices” will think long and hard after this read. I felt Ingrid’s call on having to question your values, ethics and morals was also good to be spoken about. A courageous endeavour well done which is a primary reason even though I am a PT myself I always value Ingrid’s independent thinking.

  3. Stefan K

    Ingrid did it again – another wonderful and very helpful resource! I’ve been following Ingrid’s work for about five months now and have learned a lot. This ebook was no exception. It outlined proven and actionable fat loss tips that I can’t wait to put into action. I especially liked how she ranked every shredding strategy according to its effectiveness and risk. Many trainers only tell you about the positive aspects of a certain technique without covering the downsides. As a result, you might implement something that you think is ideal for you while it in practice also has adverse effects. That’s why I appreciate it that Ingrid shows you both sides of the coin. Ingrid truly is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend this ebook.

  4. Simone Manning (verified owner)

    Learnt alot from reading this, loved it.

    • Ingrid Barclay

      Thank you! Glad you did. As they say, “knowledge is power”.

  5. Codey Elmsmith

    Bloody fantastic information. Great to see someone write the “facts”.

  6. Johan Pratt

    Essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the trade offs between different “fat loss” strategies when shredding. Loved the way it was presented. Very informative.

  7. Lynda Morton

    What a great book for any fat loss collection. So interesting the way it was presented. I loved the “pros” and “cons” and really gives you things to weigh up.

  8. Sophie Belcher, Melbourne

    Anyone wanting the low down on fat loss strategies NEEDS this book. Bloody loved it. Thanks Ingrid.

  9. Nicole Franklin

    This was a very insightful read. I had no idea about some of what I learned. Ingrid’s experience in all things fat loss was quickly apparent. I loved the risk versus benefits idea it made things very easy to weigh up. I finished and had a much clearer idea of what my approaches needed to be between and what one’s were not for me. Easy to understand too.

  10. Jodie Simmonds

    AFO is an easy guide to getting lean. It is however, a diet. Although in fairness to the author she did state this and advocate that it is for a timeframe only. The food is well-balanced though and I like that she did not take out food groups that in my opinion is moronic. I like that she keeps fruit and advocates lots of colours not just your “greens”. There are some good tips in here as bonuses and she explains why certain foods around training time is advantageous. I will certainly use it, most likely for my next competition but it is not for all year round.

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