Insight Into Cardiovascular Excellence
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Have you found that your fat loss has stalled? Are you doing long distance cardio? Or perhaps you’re doing HIIT, but still not getting anywhere? Would you like to press the “progress” button again? My ICE book (intense cardio exercise) has not only an excellent selection of sessions you can do, it also has a very through explanation regarding the “cardio paradox”. I will also talk you through efficiency and why you do not want to be efficient.

With over 20 different ICE workouts, there is plenty of variety that will be different to what you have been doing in recent times. Jacobs Ladder is especially great, no equipment required, can be done anytime, anywhere and was once described as “making my eyeballs sweat” which is great feedback as far as I am concerned!

To ensure that you accelerate your fat loss I have provided a great way to structure your ICE training. I have included a couple of doozies in there that I used with Renata when she won the Miss Universe Super body. And that’s no mean feat as she had come from a cardio background and had tried almost everything imaginable. But I have thought outside of the box so to speak!

Some are indoors, some outdoors, a mixture of light equipment may be required, for example, skipping rope, kettlebells, bands. If you have access to a gym great but it’s not necessary. There is even one you can do with your pooch!

3 reviews for Insight Into Cardiovascular Excellence

  1. Crystal Barker

    Some great ideas in here especially jacobs ladder. I had sweat coming out of my eyeballs. The explanations regarding efficiency was excellent. It’s also good in that it included some that didn’t require equipment and one’s you can do at home.

  2. Amy Sloath

    Plenty of good ideas in here. I like Ingrid’s explanation on why inefficiency is the key and she outlines an excellent way to construct your own cardio routine that makes sense. A couple didn’t apply to me as I don’t own a dog – but I thought those sessions were creative nonetheless!

  3. Sophie Maree

    The explanation on intense cardio exercise was brilliant – makes so much sense. I love some of the sessions but some of them I cannot do due to lack of equipment (or dog)!!!

    • Ingrid Barclay

      Hi Sophie. Thank you for your review. Yes there are a couple of options in there a little left of centre. There is only one where you need a doggie!!! Ha ha, it would be hard to outrun any dog especially with a ball involved.

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