Novice Powerlifting Competition e-book
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Have you thought of perhaps doing a novice powerlifting competition? Or just been curious as to what it involves or how to train for one? Does your training need a bit of fire in the belly to lift better? Would you like to make some new, like-minded friends? Or simply a great excuse to lift really heavy objects.

In my novice powerlifting eBook, I take all the guesswork out of it for you. I discuss how to take your 1, 3 or 6rm’s, what equipment might be helpful, what’s required in a meet, rules and regulations and best of all, I have mapped out a 12-week program that will work for any level of lifter from beginner to advanced.

The program will be specifically tailored to you in that you will base your lifts and weekly numbers off your tested 1,3 or 6 rep maxes. No guesswork required. The program alone is worth $150 for the 12 weeks.

I have even done a bonus section where I talk about nutrition and powerlifting.

This eBook will answer everything you need to know and do before you competition in a very do-able, easy to read manner. If you have this as your source you won’t need to know anything else, it’s all right here at your fingertips. No coach required.

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7 reviews for Novice Powerlifting Competition e-book

  1. Lily

    I was really impressed with Ingrids in depth explanations at everything. I wasn’t left with questions unanswered and she writes like she is talking to you specifically which I like.

  2. Simone Manning

    Oh my God! I used this book and exact program to prepare for my first ever novice competition. Ingrid said “if you can get through the first 7 weeks, the last 5 will be fine. Weeks 5-7 were so hard, but at the same time it felt really good to push myself like that. This book left me with no questions to ask. Everything was covered here on what to do from 12 weeks out to post competition.

    Ingrid explains everything in here on how to test your max lifts to set up your 12 week program right through to the typical reasons why you get disqualified in each lift. I went 9 for 9, no red lights and credit this book which I read a couple of times. I can’t recommend it enough but I will say again, weeks 5-7 are tough as. The program is brilliant.”

  3. Amanda Wright

    As with everything Ingrid does, this e-book is impeccably researched, thorough in its content and easily understandable. Ingrid’s genuine care for others’ development clearly shines through. If you have an interest in competing in powerlifting; you would be crazy not to get this book!

  4. Jacinta Spadon

    Novice Powerlifting eBook
    “I am currently preparing for my first ever powerlifting competition. I have one week left of training, using the exact program Ingrid has done here based on my 1 rep maxes 12 weeks ago. Week 4-8 are pretty hard with AMRAP sets, you get fit as well as strong. My strength has improved dramatically and I am feeling confident about all the referee calls due to reading this book. I am hoping for no red lights on the day.

    It’s an easy to read book and motivating as well. I feel confident heading into my first competition”

  5. Jessica AK

    Powerlifting has been something I’ve been wanting to start my whole adult life, but have never been game enough. I feel so prepared now and excited to delve into the world of power lifting thanks to this practical easy to read guide.

  6. Neridah Hayes

    I have just finished week 3 training. OMG. It’s hard. Great program and in-depth explanations for everything. I understand what I am doing even though I have never done any powerlifting before. She has me excited about my possibilities. Easy to read book but covers everything a novice needs to know. Recommend.

  7. Sandra Huskins

    If you are about to do a novice competition, this is all you need to read and understand. no fluff and easy to read and understand. Thanks Ingrid.

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