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My Manifesto

Manifesto to Share With You

My Ethos

By reading my current, new manifesto you will get a good feel for my “vibe” and how I see the coach/client relationship.

Why We Have Met or Connected

We have connected so I can liberate your human potential. Spending quality time with me is going to ignite you into life-long action from hereon. I will facilitate you to possess Jedi strong mind powers, be a badass in the gym, set your default to kindness but your wingman henceforth is “I don’t give a f%$k”. Be the magical, unique snowflake that you are.

You: fit, fabulous and fierce

Me: Shall call you out on your own bullshit and help you write a new script

No shit quits. Only legit quits.

Masters age does not mean masters performance.

And no woman, at any age, should ever feel invisible.

You and I are a radical collaboration between coach and action heroine.

Love Ing xxx

Further manifesto ideas link: https://www.pinterest.com.au/shanniganst/fitness-manifesto/

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