From Dreams of Glory to the Gym: A Billionaire's Unexpected Journey

Drawing from a diverse range of tertiary qualifications coupled with “survivor” like world life experiences, I think of myself as a Swiss Army knife to many people. More so in the health and fitness sector but certainly not limited too.
I believe story-telling is the most engaging way to teach and educate, inspire and champion. Therefore, expect me to share a rainbow of oft hilarious, frightening, melancholy and treacherous chapters in my life.

What You Can Expect

According to childhood teachers, I have no business cultivating a successful coaching fitness staycation – a world first, let alone being a 55 year old “fitness industry legend and icon” (Markos Markopoulos, March 14th 2023).
I was an “E” grade Phys Ed student. My best sport was speed reading. I could sprint 100 meters in 40 seconds on a good day Once I was passed by a tortoise while riding my road bike. Now an undefeated champion I share all of my fumbling’s, regressions, hiccups and errors in an effort to instill the one thing all humans require….HOPE. I motivate, fit spire, educate, move, champion, cheerlead and touch your audience in my unique, snowflake manner, leaving them encouraged and compelled.
Surviving 2 aggravated burglaries, becoming a 6 time World record holder at 54, being systemically bullied at school and successfully running a PT/Coaching business for 37 years topics and subject matter are many and varied, but always colourful with strong messages of virtue and value.

Other topics close to my heart include: coping in sport under pressure, emotional eating, resisting the urge to quit, coping with injury, building self-confidence and self-belief (the secret sauce of any athlete), feeling like you aren’t “bad ass” enough, creating your niche in business with a unique selling point, not censoring your true self and much more.

I can hang my sporting and business failures like a string of Santa socks across a celebratory Christmas fireplace mantle. Success has not resembled “linear”. More like the path travelled by an intoxicated hippo jumping on a mini tramp. This means my audience can learn what not to do in life, business and sport as well! Not always highlight reels here….

Having worked with well over 8000 clients I have plenty of material to draw from when it comes to nutrition and training, as well as mental strategies. I am clear that our brain is our best friend and our worst enemy and enjoy conveying tales that exemplify this. My audience should expect a rich tapestry of feelings and emotions – relatability, inspiration, intrigue, entertained, thought-provoking, informed and ready to take their own action. If I am retained to educate and teach you can be sure that I will deliver.

Services Offered

Experience expert insights in health, fitness, and well-being, inspiring purposeful 

living. Join impactful presentations, sparking global change.

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    If running a workshop or imparting any knowledge on a set topic you can expect the following:

    Workshops and Presentations:

    I have a range of presentations and workshops to choose from, however I can easily adapt to something bespoke to you and your organization. Some of my more popular presentations and workshops include the following but is not limited to:
    Overall as a speaker I am transparent, passionate, emotive and often poignant. On occasion I can be somewhat funny.


    Ending Emotional Eating – the AWARE principle and changing your SELF-CONCEPT


    The Top 8 Dieting Mistakes That 99% of Women on Diets Make


    The Top 6 Mistakes of Any Gym Trainee


    How to construct your own quality nutrition plan that you enjoy increases your performance and your health.


    How to Increase Your Self-Esteem Right Now


    How to Leave Your Comfort Zone – Facing Fears, A Blueprint


    The Biggest Mistakes of a Budding Personal Trainer


    The 10 Things You Have to Blitz to be A Great PT


    How To Become a Champion When You Feel Like You Can’t “Make It” (building confidence and self-belief)


    How to Get Your Business into the “Blue Sea”


    How To Significantly Improve Your Squat, Bench and Deadlift
    Please note: I do speak without a fee attached on occasion to send the elevator back down. I feel this is VIP for community – we have to give to receive. Therefore I am available to local Geelong schools for short 45-60 minute talks.
    I am both delighted and honoured to speak to and with any group. I especially enjoy speaking with those with a strong interest in health and fitness, who suffer anxiety and/or depression, years 10-12 school youths, those considering personal training as a career path, middle-aged to older wanna be athletes, middle-aged women who wish to sing to Eye of the Tiger whilst transforming their bodies.

    Our Testimonial

    Kav Rafferty
    Ingrid gave a fantastic presentation to a group of members at my gym. The topic was dealing with fears and how to overcome them. Ingrid had the crowd engaged and her presentation and delivery was outstanding. Lots of conversation going around the room, people sharing their thoughts and encouraging each other to talk openly which was great to see. I highly recommend. Thanks again.
    Ingrid Barclay’s presentation on Ending Emotional Eating here in Katherine, NT was amazing. Thanks to Kirsten Engels, who reached out to Ingrid to see if she would make the trip up, we were privy to her standout experience, earning a solid 5 out of 5 stars. Her candid discussion on foods, values, beliefs and her hysterically funny sharing of her own expertise on binge eating really struck a chord with all of us. Ingrid’s practical insights on not using food as a crutch, via her AWARE framework is very actionable and her blueprint for positive habits in sports and life felt refreshingly down-to-earth, making her message relatable and genuinely impactful. Overall, a wonderful presentation that left a lasting impression.
    Jess Goodson
    Nancy Prescitto
    Ingrid’s presentation to our Year 7 and 9 cohorts was engaging and inspiring. Ingrid, a past teacher here, delivered her story in an age-appropriate way that met the students at their social and emotional developmental level. The students felt comfortable to able to ask Ingrid lots of interesting questions and the content was relevant for our school’s curriculum. She provided the students with the opportunity to see how strategies that they had been exploring in class around gratitude, mindfulness, goal setting and positive relationships could apply in a real world context. Ingrid was communicative and professional. We would welcome her back for future presentations and recommend her to other schools! Thanks Ingrid!
    I attended Ingrid Barclay’s presentation at Body Conquest headquarters – ‘The Truth About Being Lean.’ Ingrid is straight up direct, frank, incredibly engaging and a wonderful story teller. I have followed Ingrid for a very long time on social media and I love how vulnerable she is. And I also admire the fact that she will openly share her mistakes, she is very relatable. This seminar was very informative, I feel like my eyes are wide open to the pitfalls of the fitness industry, and more specifically, competing. Highly recommended for any up and coming events you may have. You won’t hear a pin drop and you will not be disappointed. Thank you.
    Jena Womble