Develop your fitness with one of Body Conquest’s innovative training programs designed to suit your needs. With programs including, nutritional development, contest preparation and general training we are sure to be able to get your fitness where it should be.

Personal Training & Fitness

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Personal Training & Fitness

Body Conquest prides itself on providing professional, results-orientated personal training programs designed specifically for improving the fitness of their clients.

Online Training

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Online Training Courses

With over 30 years of experience getting people on stage in winning condition, Body Conquest now proudly offers truly unique, online contest preparation.




A one-on-one technique session is a fantastic way to begin your journey to greater strength, through improved efficiency in movement patterns and mental cues.



Nutrition Programs

Ingrid, who oversees all client diets, is a qualified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).

Not sure what program is going to suit you and your goals? Want an idea of where you’re at right now and what program is best suited to you? Take our Metabolically Classifying Questionnaire and we’ll guide you to the right program for you.