Get into Shape, Now!

Online Personal Trainer

You absolutely can achieve significant performance and physique improvements on-line. I do not sell bulk programs like 95% of on-line coaches who rely on you not staying in contact to make their money. Nothing about any of my on-line options are generic. They all include zoom meetings to ensure the cultivation of a coach/client relationship.

In fact interestingly, as is evident in my Portfolio, many of my very successful clients have been from interstate, prepping or training without me physically overseeing them. The beauty of IT ensures that I can provide technical improvements by viewing the major lifts on a weekly basis.

Plus I can deliver all of my courses and programs via zoom or skype. This means we can combat emotional eating, or improve your skill power instead of willpower, work on building your self-esteem, do business coaching one on one over a virtual coffee…the possibilities are endless. However the primary difference is the level of intimate service.

I have had a medium staff behind me before. I don’t deliberately now. You will be directly under my wing, hence why I often have a waiting list. I do not hand you to someone else. You are an instant priority and you will feel that you are. I have a variety of accountability check in’s, so we use one that suits you and your needs. And I can provide all of the nutritional and supplement educations also.

Training clients from Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina and France I demonstrate my capacity to both impart knowledge and facilitate behavior change no matter where you reside.