16 Week Weight Loss Transformation Program

This 16-week program is about more than just weight loss. It is aimed at the person who wishes to make extraordinary changes in a short period of time. To do this program it is suggested that you are in a good headspace to ‘flick a switch’ and be on program close to 100 percent. There is a lot of structure and those who like structure as well as want to learn about nutrition for themselves will respond well to this package.

This program will work for any body type, any age, any fitness level. It would be most useful to have access to a trainer who can do your weekly skinfolds; however, a tape measure, photographs, and scales will suffice. You do not need to have access to a commercial gym, a home gym/space is fine.

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Only $85 per week for 16 weeks!

The 16 Week Transformation Program includes:

  • 4 x 4-week weight training programs that will be adjusted on the basis of your progress
  • 16 specific ICE (intense cardio exercise) programs, one per week
  • 16 micro-managed meal plans individualised according to your food likes and dislikes. Plans will be adjusted weekly so as to keep the meals interesting and tasty, fast and delicious whilst ensuring optimal results
  • 1 ‘mini nutrition education’ delivered each week, via phone or Skype teaching you one important thing you need to know about fat loss or muscle gain to ensure improved knowledge and the ability to keep off your body fat on a permanent basis. These educations will be followed up with supporting emails with accompanying articles.
  • Weekly half hour phone chats or Skype with Ingrid discussing the week’s events and progress
  • Insight into Cardiovascular Excellence eBook
  • Body Cookquest of which many of the micro meals will be based off, for ease of food preparation
  • Liquid meals eBook for super-fast, scrumptious liquid meals
  • Unlimited email support for your questions and answers
  • Access to the Ingrid Barclay YouTube channel to view all prescribed exercises
  • Mindset and accountability tools
  • Before and after photographs


I’m passionate about helping you transform your body, build muscle definition and decrease body fat. So, to make it easy and humanly possible for you to give me a confident “yes”, I’m proud to offer you my Iron Clad Guarantee.

Take 28 days to go through the Ingrid Barclay 16 Week Body Transformation Experience.

If, after following your customised training and workout plan as per the training app, getting your q’s answered weekly, and sticking to your enjoyable micro plan each week, you still don’t feel your body changing, your health improving or that you’re feeling supported…

Simply send me an email at i​[email protected] and we’ll hit undo on this whole “let’s help you gain muscle definition and lose body fat” thing. No questions asked and no hard feelings.


Begin your transformation

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