16 Week Weight Loss Transformation Program

This 16-week program is about far more than just ‘weight loss’. It is aimed directly at the issues that have troubled or been a hurdle to you in the past, that you do not understand or find challenging to action. This is the opportunity for you to be provided with solid, bankable tools and strategies that suit the manner in which you live your life.

There are very strategic mini-educations whereby I teach you one thing that you need to know or understand about body recomposition (more muscle and less body fat). So information is drip-fed so that you have time to grasp and implement it. This sets you up well for your best chance of long-term success.

If doing this in-house with me I do skinfolds weekly. This is invaluable feedback to you because each week you know exactly how much body fat you are losing. This allows motivation to gather like the proverbial snowball. If you are at all concerned about your current fitness level, please, don’t allow that to prevent you making your first step. You are catered for at your personal level and I am very kind and patient with every learning style and level of experience.

Understand I always work as a team. I will not dictate, and you are not required to eat foods you dislike. I am not married to any style of eating except for balanced and healthy.  You are the driver and I am merely your wingman who corrects course gently every now and again.

The idea behind my 16 weeks is for you to learn the major things you need to learn for you to not require a coach! Now, if you love your sessions and you know the value of them, of course you can continue on! But I want to ensure that your knowledge as well as your technical skills in lifting are enhanced profoundly.

Recognising that you are a player in your own life, seizing the day and embracing new fitness and personal growth opportunities, and changing your thoughts and behaviours to reflect your beliefs and core values is not always easy. Opening yourself up for self-discovery creates vulnerability and sometimes much anxiety. I will be getting you to push your own boundaries. But remember, the space you create here, with me, is safe. And the pain in which we suffer in an attempt to heal and thus, to grow, is never as great as that which could be permanent if we made the choice to do nothing. So again, well done to you for considering partnering up with me to see where your path shall lead you. Be excited!!

Begin your transformation

I am so ready to do this….

The 16 Week Transformation Program includes:

  • Weight training programs that will be adjusted on the basis of your skill level, experience, needs and lifestyle as well as your progress
  • Specific ICE (intense cardio exercise) programs if and when required
  • A choice of flexible or micro-managed meal plans individualised according to your food preferences. Plans will be adjusted weekly so as to keep the meals fast, tasty and delicious whilst ensuring optimal results
  • 1 ‘mini nutrition education. These educations will be followed up with supporting emails with accompanying (often published) articles written by myself. These educations are really the “gold nuggets’.
  • Weekly check in’s regarding the week’s events and progress
  • Insight into Cardiovascular Excellence eBook
  • Body Cookquest of which many of the micro meals will be based off, for ease of food preparation
  • Liquid meals eBook for super-fast, scrumptious liquid meals
  • Unlimited email support for your questions and answers
  • Access to my Ingrid Barclay YouTube channel to view all prescribed exercises
  • Access to my Fit, Fierce and Fabulous private FB page
  • Mindset and accountability tools
  • Before and after photographs
  • Any other material related to your individual circumstances


I’m passionate about helping you transform your body, build muscle, decrease body fat, increase your self-esteem and feel far more confident. So, to make it easy and humanly possible for you to give me a confident “yes”, I’m proud to offer you my Iron Clad Guarantee.

Take 28 days to go through the Ingrid Barclay 16 Week Body Transformation Experience.

If, after following your customised training and workout plan, being privy to your mini-educations, being provided with tools and action plans that provide you with tangible solutions… you still don’t feel your body changing, your health improving or that you’re feeling supported…

Simply send me an email at i​[email protected] and we’ll hit undo on this whole “let’s help you gain muscle definition and lose body fat” thing. No questions asked and no hard feelings. We can still be friends.


Begin your transformation

Heck yes, let’s freakin do this with my personal guarantee