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to pass go and
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just make sure that you:

Aren’t a shit-talker, a drama queen, princess or a responsibility shirker. You can be a clueless novice; you can be squashy or scrawny. As long as the voices in your head sing “Eye of the Tiger” and you are hunting for your fit, fierce n fabulous spirit I am happy.
We will work well together. It doesn’t matter who kicked the sand in your face. Spit it out and let’s get to know each other.
Welcome! My name is Ingrid, sometimes “Ing” to those who prefer…😊
Let me share some of myself with you.

Let's stroll down memory lane..

In the year 1988

In 1988 floppy discs were a thing, Home and Away aired for the first time. and if you went off my school reports for physical education I had NO business becoming a Personal Trainer. I was an "E" grade Phys Ed student. My best sport was speed reading. I could sprint 100 metres in 50 seconds on a great day. Once I was passed by a tortoise whilst riding my road bike. I was, however, intrigued as to how I could do 4 back to back aerobics classes a night and still have jiggly bits. Like, WTF??? Thus began my obsession with understanding this thing called "body composition" - fat loss and muscle gain. Yup. I knew it was all about weight training, and NOT cardio all those years ago.

In the year 1990

I swapped the aerobics room for the weights playground and thus began my love affair with weights. It wasn’t long before I started looking different and someone asked if I could train them? I thought I should get my PT qualification and off I went.

Through my 18 years of full-time study at University I did PT full-time. I spent the best part of 28 years heavily involved in the bodybuilding industry where I learned a lot and met a lot of wonderful friends and people.

In the year 2002

In 2002 I moved from Parkville to Geelong and brought my first home. I started my home business in a granny shed with a tin door. I had a step reebok, 1 treadmill, 1 skipping rope, a fit ball, a pump barbell set and 4 sets of dumbells. I also had one machine that had a godawful leg extension, lat pulldown and chest press. Yet I trained someone to win a Miss Australia with just that.

In the years 2004 - 2014

I wrote 24 published articles, became "Ask the Expert" with my own Body Conquest column in Ironman magazine, promoted 4 bodybuilding contests, judged 46 bodybuilding shows, prepped 389 clients for various categories on stage and made a comeback myself winning both competitions. I was also featured in Oxygen magazine with a lovely 4 page spread driven by the lovely Lindy Olsen.

In the years 2014 - 2017

I wrote my first book Figure it Out, I did my first podcast and created my YouTube channel. I toured Australia delivering seminars related to women and hormones and emotional eating. By this time I had trained over 600 stage competitors, including 3 Ms Australia's, a Musclemania winner, 2 Miss Universe's, Miss Universe Super Body, 3rd place Universe Mens under 90kg, and 28 Overall champions. I also did my first novice powerlifting competition in Ocean Grove, that was to set me on a whole different path. At this time I was known as "Body Conquest".

In the year 2018

Just before COVID my media team and I sat down and did a SWOT analysis and I came to realise that Body Conquest no longer aligned with my goals. Don’t get me wrong, I have great recollections from bodybuilding but I had evolved.

I have become far more interested in helping people from the inside out. Instead of giving them band-aids, I now prefer “open-heart surgery”. I realise that it is their mindset that is the key to behavioural change. I became very interested in emotional eating and why this is so prevalent as I believe it is the single biggest cause of body fat issues. Especially for women. We are emotional creatures and food is often our crutch!

In the year 2019 - 2020

I am completely anti “quick fixes” now. It is ok to have a timeline on occasions, for weddings, comps, photoshoots etc, but balance and sustainability, plus improved self-image and confidence is what I seek to instil in people I train. I derive great enjoyment from teaching people technical skills of the major lifts that help significantly change their body composition. However, I understand that changing their self-concept, the way that they see themselves is vital and have the skill set required to facilitate that.

In the year 2021

There is no better way to get down to the nitty gritty – people’s seed stories and unravel and unpack them than to spend quality one on one time with them. Hence staycations were born. I have had numerous clients over the years fly in for weekends, or mid-week and I have enjoyed the building of lasting relationships and indeed friendships that this is the direction I am moving towards. I just never had the stayovers as a “product” as I do now.

Plus, I have trained around 60% of my clients who have been qualified personal trainers themselves. So many come to me for my intellectual property and to pick my brain. Longevity in the fitness industry is reasonable rare, certainly nearly 40 years. Thus, I have many ideas about how to fast track PT’s business success.

In the year 2023

I see myself as a coach, with a coach’s skillset where I not only work on the physical but the emotional and mental as well. I have been instrumental to some clients career and lifestyle improvements also.

I am always honoured when someone chooses to work with me. Choosing a coach, your cheerleader, guide, business sherpa, life counsellor, career builder is a MAJOR decision not to be made lightly. Therefore, I take my relationship with each new person incredibly seriously. My career has evolved as has my philosophies and core values of which I am grateful for.

Importantly I also had a breakdown where I spent 2 years in bed. I saw the sun /daylight 4 times in a 2-year period.
For fitness badasses like you
Depression/anxiety is no stranger to me. I am grateful as having an imperfect 3-pound lump of crazy means I relate to other mental health sufferers. I understand concepts such as “I can’t get out of bed.” By having so many personal trainers and clients stayover with me, it became startlingly evident that 100% of those who have spent time with me, have at least one emotional crutch.

Speaking transparently, some have cited food of course, but also alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, amphetamines, steroids, alcohol, exercise and valium to name a few. Although not a qualified counsellor, nor do I attempt to be, there will likely be scope for deep and meaningful conversations. Within this atmosphere and within the relationship you and I foster, shame and blame are non-existent.

Importantly I also had a breakdown where I spent 2 years in bed. I saw the sun /daylight 4 times in a 2-year period.
for fitness badasses like you
So, depression/anxiety is no stranger to me. Fortunately, I slowly but surely recovered. I was aged 36 when this occurred. I had burned the candle at both ends for too long.
I swapped the aerobics room for the weights playground and thus began my love affair with weights. It wasn’t long before I started looking different and someone asked if I could train them? I thought I should get my PT qualification and off I went
Through my 18 years of full-time study at University I did PT full-time. I spent the best part of 28 years heavily involved in the bodybuilding industry where I learned a lot and met a lot of wonderful friends and people.

I believe an unstoppable mindset is your #1 fitness tactic

This is your required Armory

This is the passion and motivation that inspires you to become the woman you wish to be. It’s why you do what you do. Brave, strong women are not perfect. But you do know your WHY, you believe in your ability and you know how to turn your intentions into actions. I will be your cheerleader and accountability partner.

You have the ability to rise above obstacles, setbacks and conflicts. Being brave you keep your perspective in-check. You manage internal conflict, that often comes with social comparison, judgement and challenges. I will be your Swiss army knife and provide you with the tools to do just this.

You always give 100% when it counts. You engage in the internal battle of managing stress, pressure, anxiety, staying focused and pushing through personal discomfit. I will induce the rise of your backbone, your resilience, your strength of character. So you can be that Fit, Fierce and Fabulous woman.

Glitter, people who take responsibility, vulnerability, “less is more”, special snowflakes, bear hugs, bathing in Moet movers and shakers, daily belly laughs, high work ethic, integrity, presents are nice! 😊

Complainers, drinking Kool-Aid, “gunnas”, spiders, clowns, half squats – worse are quarter ones, rep counters, arrogance, loud crunchers and chewers, blisters, milk, did I mention arrogance?

Feel me? If so, we're gonna get on great

There are a few ways to get in touch

Fav Sporting Moments in No Particular Order

So now that we are friends

Who the hell is Ingrid REALLY?

What do you do on weekends for downtime?

I admit I am a Netflix lover. I especially like documentaries and crime shows or series. Although I am going through a major crush on Ted Talks at the moment. Brene Brown is the bomb!

What do you think you might be known for?

I would hazard a guess that I am well known to be blunt, direct, straight to the point, without fluff. However that comes as diplomatically as possible and 100% from a place of honesty, concern and care.

What is the best piece of business advice you have ever been given?

I was once told to let the complaining client go. Just open the door and show them out. Because the 5% who complain, are unhappy, whine and pass on the responsibility of their success on to you, no matter how hard you try, you will never please them. It is better to spend your time with the 95% who sing your praises and love you. Stressing over the 5% you can never please will leave you frustrated, resentful and questioning yourself. This is sage advice and I have stuck to it. (Thanks Cribby)

Share something with us that most people wouldn’t know.

I used to be a go-go dancer at nightclubs when I was young and a full-on raver. No drugs, no alcohol, no smoking. Just me and music and dancing. And….I used to have a girlfriend who was a hairdresser, and she would intertwine my hair around a coat hanger and thread-coloured ribbons through it. It was uber cool! 

Some quick personal questions and answers.

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