12 week fat loss course
  • Extensive nutritional education

  • Individually tailored nutrition plan

  • Exercise program you are comfortable with

  • Weekly personal training sessions

  • Before and after shots

  • Body measurement analysis

  • Progress reporting

  • 24/7 Trainer guidance and motivation

  • Dietary Education

  • Further Email education

  • Guidance with supplements (optional)

12 Week Fat Loss Course

The Body Conquest 12-week fat loss course is the jewel in the crown here at BC headquarters so to speak. You can also do this program on-line over 10 weeks.

This program is designed to primarily lose body fat, whilst maintaining as much of your lean muscle as possible. The unique difference in this program compared to all others is in its delivery. Over the course of the 12 or 10 weeks you will also be delivered one “mini education”. This education will ensure that you learn one thing that you need to know about permanent fat loss.

We will teach it to you in interesting ways such as a kitchen make over, drawing pie charts, showing you slide shows and much more. The idea is for YOU to learn how to look after your own body and not need us anymore.

Ingrid’s nutritional approach is science driven not “bro science”, however she also factors in “real world” experience too. Her observations over her three decades clearly outlines certain successful approaches and behaviours so this is woven into her suggestions.

Nearly 95% of Body Conquest clients begin with this program to kick-start amazing results, and you get armed with the right information as well!

Starting from as low as $150 per week for two sessions get your body where you want it to be!

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