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Do you still have a body fat problem and your totally over it? Are you still checking out different diets and wondering if they might work for you? Are you stuck trying to solve your body fat problem? Is your head spinning from having different points of views going around in your head?

Guess what. Ultimately all anyone needs to lose bodyfat is a handful of great behaviours and a shift in mindset. That’s right. And even better you don’t really need to understand the mechanisms, you just need to be provided with the action steps. You don’t need to understand electricity to light your home, you only need to know how to flip the switch.

Maybe it’s not your nutrition that’s bothering you. Perhaps you want another coaches’ point of view on your training methods? You might want to know more about supplements. Are you unsure how to close the gap between what you know and what you action? Or perhaps you want to talk bodybuilding and/or powerlifting with me?

As long as it is within the fitness/health/personal development sphere I can be your “go-to” sherpa. I can guide you on your best path forward for what you want to achieve.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a client. Or you’re training under somebody else (everything is confidential). You can book in for a half an hour or hour consultation whereby I help you sort your head out.


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Per Half Hour, Per Hour, Emergency Call (within 24 hours, call/skype between 11pm-6am EST)

2 reviews for Head Mess – Please Help

  1. Sam Lovell

    I decided to book Ingrid for an hour to talk about a few food issues that have been totally doing my head in. I love my coach but he is really attached to a set of beliefs about food that is just not working for me. I wanted to clarify several things. What came out of the session is that not everything I am doing is synergistic but there was no way I could see or know that. Ingrid shone the light in under 3 minutes flat. Ingrid also explained that a complex diet that lays out every single little detail like mine is most often applied the least. So she helped me reduce all the complex steps into a far more manageable approach for me, but not losing the essentials. We also talked about the “quick-fix” disease as she calls it and that too helped settle my brain which has been going round n round in circles for months. Ingrid made me “take back responsibility” today, for better or for worse, to create the results I want and I feel much more empowered. The hour flew by and I had the impression she could have talked for hours. It was really liberating and I feel much more settled in my plan and how to approach a conversation with my coach. I found her straight up, forthcoming and incredibly useful. Sam.

    • Ingrid Barclay

      Thank you Sam. And thanks for being my first ever client with this product. I knew there would be a demand for it. Sometimes it is great to just run things past someone else who is not invested for any reason and can see things that perhaps the other person cannot. I am glad you feel more “organised” and “less messy” in the brain!

  2. Joanne Raymond

    I recently experienced a trauma. Having followed Ingrid for years I knew she would not judge my situation. Not only that, she listened and then actually guided me to my own solutions to my roadblocks. She is a nutritionist, counsellor, friend, coach and training expert all rolled into one. When I got off the phone I had a plan and my head was much more settled. Very good to talk too and bounce ideas off and you know everything will stay with her and her only.

    • Ingrid Barclay

      Thank you very much for taking the time to write your review. More importantly I am really genuinely happy that I made a difference. As I always say, a coach is in the passenger seat, you are always the driver and I just help to keep you on course. Good luck with the plan we hatched! xx

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