Nutrition Coach

I have spent my entire adult life studying fat loss and muscle gain. I consider myself an expert nutrition coach and qualified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).

I have a unique philosophical perspective on nutrition. While most else recommends ridiculously low calorie diet plans and often, near malnourishment to destroy the body you have, my focus is on providing the nourishment to create the body you want.

I know that you might be thrown by this, but 99 times out of 100, I will provide more food, more often to the new client. I have done this over and over and over again. Unfortunately most women make 2 fundamental mistakes: 1) they emotionally eat and 2) they most often undereat (hence causing binges or being unable to sustain that way of eating for any length of time.

And as a coach, as opposed to a personal trainer, I work collaboratively with you, choosing nutrient dense foods you love and find easy, to build your nutrition plan. I seek balance. Your food sources, frequency of eating, timing of meals, amount of macro’s all revolves around what you feel you can do for the rest of your life, not for a certain time frame. (Unless you are doing a competition).

I like to set expectations with you so that you are prepared for the wins, the plateaus and to hopefully avoid regressions. However most of my coaching clients average 4.5 years with me, and thus regression is likely at some point. Anyone promising no plateaus are either lying to you, or setting unrealistic expectations. Sorry, this is just a fact. I won’t fluff your feathers nor tell you you can get shredded legs, when I know that that is a 3 year project. This mitigates false expectations and disappointment.

People who are seeking “fast” fat loss do not make good coaching clients. However if you are at the point whereby your genuinely wish to conquer your metabolism once and for all, then you will be able to achieve this with me. I seek those who certainly want change, absolutely, but recognise the perils of drastic calorie cutting, silly time frames and silly gimmicks. I seek people who are ready to acknowledge their emotional eating. If you eat for any reason other than physiological hunger, it is called emotional eating. If you have historically not been able to sustain “fitness stints” are you ready to recognise this and make long-term change? If so, we will work really well together.

I always begin with a carefully constructed, science based metabolic classification that will indicate several factors regarding your metabolic health. You will receive feedback and your score that gives you a classification. I will then make this meaningful for you and what that means on a cellular level. We hatch a plan together moving forward whereby I also educate you on why we do my suggestions. I feel that if you understand why you are doing what you do, and the benefits that you will reap, instead of simply being told “because it is good for you”, will empower you to sustain your behavioral changes in the long-term. And long term success is what we are seeking.

Diets are a band-aid. Always have been and always will be. If you wish to adopt a whole, fresh, new approach that actually coaxes your body to lose fat, instead of attempting to force it, then you are a great candidate for long-term success.

One of the far-reaching benefits of my staycation is actually the greater understanding of nutrition. When a coaching client comes to live with me for their 2-10 days we start from scratch. Empty cupboards and a trip to the supermarket, chemist warehouse, health food shop and organic market is our first port of call.

I have found that 2-3 hours is a massive learning curve for every single staycationer bar none. Then to actually go home, shop and chop, and prep all the meals in under an hour for the whole week ahead is an eye opener for all. An understanding of a metabolically precise meal sinks in so much quicker by the doing: the shop, the chop, the cook, the store, the consumption. So many nutritional ideas and concepts crystallise and their suitcase hasn’t even gotten past the hallway!

Hence the saying: “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.” Xunzi (340 – 245 BC)