16 Week Transformation Program
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This program is aimed at the person who wishes to make extraordinary changes in a short period of time. To do this program it is suggested that you are in a good head space to ‘flick a switch’ and be on program close to 100 per cent. There is a lot of structure and those who like structure as well as wanting to learn about nutrition for themselves will respond well to this package.

This program will work for any body type, any age, any fitness level. It would be most useful to have access to a trainer who can do your weekly skinfolds; however, a tape measure, photographs and scales will suffice. You do not need to have access to a commercial gym, a home gym/space is fine.

Included is:

  • 4 x 4-week weight training programs that will be adjusted on the basis of your progress
  • 16 specific ICE (intense cardio exercise) programs, one per week
  • Access to the Body Conquest Recomposer app where you log in every exercise, weight, set and rep for ease of training and accountability. Easy to see progress and score PB stickers!
  • 16 micro-managed meal plans individualised according to your food likes and dislikes. Plans will be adjusted weekly so as to keep the meals interesting and tasty, fast and delicious whilst ensuring optimal results
  • Weekly half an hour phone chats or Skype with Ingrid discussing the week’s events and progress
  • 1 ‘mini nutrition education’ delivered each week, via phone or Skype teaching you one important thing you need to know about fat loss or muscle gain to ensure improved knowledge and the ability to keep off your body fat on a permanent basis. These educations will be followed up with supporting emails with accompanying articles.
  • Insight into Cardiovascular Excellence eBook
  • Body Cookquest, of which many of the micro meals will be based off, for ease of food preparation
  • Liquid meals eBook for super-fast, scrumptious liquid meals
  • Posting of weekly photos onto the Body Conquest FB page for accountability (not necessary but encouraged)
  • Unlimited email support for your questions and answers
  • Access to the Body Conquest YouTube channel to view all prescribed exercises
  • Mindset and accountability tools


7 reviews for 16 Week Transformation Program

  1. Hannah Christensen

    I can’t speak highly enough about Ingrid and the 16 week body transformation. She’s the real deal … but so much more than just a trainer. I felt like Ingrid was 20% dietician, 30% therapist and 50% trainer.

    My 16 week transformation started two weeks before the gyms closed due to COVID-19. Without Ingrid’s guidance and support, I can say with complete surety that I’d be 10-20 kg heavier now. I got so much stronger despite being in lockdown. My chronic pain (from a couple of old injuries) is almost entirely gone because I’m lighter, fitter and stronger.

    Ingrid helped me set up a home gym and re-wrote my training program so that I could workout with nothing but a couple of bricks and a yoga mat (and then rejigged my program again every time I managed to source a new piece of equipment). She took time to answer every ridiculous question I asked and taught me so much about diet, exercise and getting bang for your buck when you work out.

    As a coach, Ingrid was exactly the right combination of gentleness and understanding but tough when she needed to be. Absolutely no nonsense, sensible and straightforward but patient, empathetic and kind at the same time. I spoke with her 1-2 times a week over Skype and it really didn’t matter that I couldn’t spend time with her in person.

    I’d recommend Ingrid to anyone who’s struggling to maintain their fitness levels or weight during lockdown. Hands down, she’s the best, smartest and warmest trainer I’ve ever worked with.

  2. Portia Eauchamon

    “I completed Ingrid’s 16 Week program 7 weeks ago and am now doing another 16 week block. What I loved was the food was flexible. I liked how Ingrid summed it up at the start: “if you can pull it out of the ground, pick it off a tree, or catch it, you can eat it, because it’s good for you”. To me that was really simple, as I can justify all kinds of “healthy” packaged foods.

    What I found value in the most were the weekly zoom sessions where I learned “why” she was getting me to eat the way she was. I found this very helpful because I UNDERSTOOD what I was doing. Jenny Craig and “points” never made any sense to me. Nor any diet “rules” since. The other thing notable with Ingrid is she said “If I’m any good as a trainer, I am going to teach you how to eat to be lean in around 4-6 months. Then you should understand everything you need to know at a basic level. I teach you, so that you effectively don’t need me any more”. I have had two pt’s before and neither of them taught me much about nutrition. Which was why I wanted to do this transformation course. I can also see that her programs are very specific to me as Ingrid provides in-depth explanations for her exercise selection which no other trainer has ever done with me. I have worked all up with 6 “on-line trainers” and Ingrid trumps them all by an absolute mile. I have already referred someone to Ingrid and will continue to do so. I love working with her and so will you.”

  3. Codey Elmsmith

    I have had 4 on-line trainers none of which I was overly thrilled with. This was the first time I was actually educated on why I was training and eating the way I was. Also I could eat only foods I like. My training performance improved substantially. The zoom appointments with Ingrid were very motivating and no question was a silly question. Ingrid had good answers for everything she prescribed. I think the best part of this 16 weeks was the level of support. I am continuing to work with Ingrid as I am starting to feel I am really getting somewhere. Ingrid is generous, sends information to back things up, is encouraging and knows a lot about a lot! She is more than a weight training coach. I would be happy to speak to anyone regarding Ingrid and my experience.

  4. Nada Gaza

    I really enjoyed everything I learnt in my 16 weeks fat loss program with you, this is the 1st time ever I stick to a program this long WITHOUT emotional eating, cravings, and cheats/treats. to me, this alone is a big achievement. I really look forward to continue with you. I love your guidance and I still need more time to be near my goal.

  5. James McGinn

    I have been following Ingrid’s FIO Facebook page since early 2013. I have always been a healthy weight and fit but I wasn’t getting the results I was after. In the past I’ve tried many diets. I have also competed once with the help of a personal trainer but unfortunately my weight rebounded very quickly after the competition and no matter what I did it continued to creep up. I was after a program that would make me feel healthy again and help to repair what damage I had done. Enter Ingrid’s 16 week recomposition course. Ingrid was my online trainer for the course. She is extremely professional and punctual, always phoning for my educations on time and replying to my text messages and emails immediately. Her knowledge on nutrition and training is incredible, far more advanced than the personal trainers I had come across in the past. I learnt a lot during this program as I was encouraged to become an independent learner. I was encouraged to ask questions via text or email at any time of the day and I was challenged to apply the knowledge I learnt through the course during the zoom consultations. I feel like I have really been looked after and that my health was the main priority. I can’t thank Ingrid enough for looking after me for the sixteen weeks. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a sustainable nutrition and training plan and results that last. I can’t wait to see my progress over the next twelve weeks with the training program I have been given as a part of the program.

  6. Lynda Morton

    I just finished Ingrid’s 16 week transformation program. This program was different to anything else I have done and trust me when I say I have done a lot of programs over the years. Ingrid actually teaches you things and then in subtle ways “tests” you to make sure that you know and understand what she has taught you. What I loved the most was the technical expertise she imparted. I have been in and out of gyms for over 20 years and what Ingrid taught me I have never been shown by other personal trainers and she makes so much sense. I have always found squats to be my nemesis. Ingrid said “no wonder why” because I was very uncomfortable. She taught me to position myself so that squatting at least with foot stance actually became comfortable. I went from uncomfortably squatting the 15kg bar to squatting 72.5kg over 4 months. I also loved how Ingrid taught why most people believe they are “eating healthy” but why they will never get lean eating that way. Ingrid has a way of making everything clear, concise, logical and healthy. The sessions became more and more demanding yet she never asks for anything more than your very best. This proved to be worth the drive from Lorne twice a week and I am signing on for another 16 week block.

  7. Nardia Suby

    Sadly my first 16 week program has just finished. However I say first because I am going for another round. I loved this progra, mostly due to the education within the course. Incredible. This woman is a wealth of knowledge and I could listen to her talk for hours. Ingrid is invested in me and I can just tell she has a high care factor. She does ask difficult and challenging questions but it forced me to take stock and really consider my responsibilities. Her programs were clearly tailored to me as I have a fair few injuries and I was pleasantly surprised at how much more creative she was working around them than my past two PT’s who in comparison, didn’t have a clue. I don’t think I can really say much more more than I am back for round 2. If you can’t handle truth Ingrid may not be the coach for you. She is “diplomatically blunt” but I liked and, if honest, needed this approach. 10 out of 10.

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