All Figured Out 3rd Edition – eBook
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Like to get lean? If you want to prepare for a physique competition, a special event, or to look at your best during daily life, All Figured Out is for you!

AFO is a 20-week program that shows you exactly what to eat and how to train to get into the best shape of your life. You can also prep yourself for figure, fitness or sports model divisions.

You’ll get an all-inclusive meal plan over 20 weeks, over 700 meals. You will learn how to prepare the meals, and be informed on when to best consume them so that you can maximise fat loss while retaining muscle mass. Importantly, also to keep your energy and performance levels up.

It contains over 130 recipes using lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats designed for competitors or anyone who wants to eat “lean and clean.”

From soups, party dips, cakes, ice creams, main meals, and post-workout meals, this is a gastronomic adventure in fitness food with something for all tastes.

Every meal has the calories, protein, carbs, fat, fibre, and micronutrients optimised so that you’ll look at your best during your competition, special event, or everyday life.

And it also includes a powerful 20-week training program that focuses on the primary aspects of a great bikini, fitness, and figure physique. (This part alone is already worth more than the price of the program.)

In other words, you’ll get access to EVERYTHING you need to know to shape a “new you” in just 20 weeks.

So, imagine eating satisfying meals every day, never feeling starved or deprived and enjoying more energy and better workouts. All the while, prepping for stage WITHOUT the hardcore deprivation that always only causes long term havoc. Plus, if you follow the plan, you don’t need to second guess yourself.

And imagine watching your body transform like clockwork, dropping excess body fat while adding lean muscle mass. Yes, that CAN be done whilst prepping because I myself did exactly that AND managed to pull a 200kg deadlift only 2 weeks before stepping onto a bodybuilding stage.** You do NOT have to sacrifice strength just because you are “competing”. And a diet is not of value dependent upon how “miserable” you feel.

Now in its 3rd edition I have added new ideas to the programs and to the foods that I have since continued to learn. I will teach you the power of nutrient timing, so not just what you eat but when you consume it as this is a factor that plays significance when you are competing. I also address how to handle social situations during the 20 weeks as this can be seen as a real issue with prospective competitors and it is not healthy to become stressed over attending special parties, celebrations and weddings just because you are in  “comp mode”.

The bottom line is that you can get the stage body of your dreams while eating delicious, fast and tasty meals, and All Figured Out will show you exactly how. It is the perfect blueprint.

And let’s not forget to mention that the average fantastic comp prep coach charges around $3,000 for a 12 week preparation, me included, the purchase of this blueprint will also save you a lot of money that you can put towards things like posing lessons, your beautiful bling bikini that can cost upwards of $2,000 for a magnificent cossie and your food bill!

Does this sound exactly what you need? Then don’t think, just do. Click the “add to cart” button now, and start your journey to your best body ever. You will have your action plan in a matter of minutes and best of all there are tips all the way through on how you can tweak it specifically to you and YOUR physique type.


11 reviews for All Figured Out 3rd Edition – eBook

  1. Katie Myles

    Being an avid follower of Ingrid’s page AFO purchasing this eBook was a no-brainer when I decided to compete. For a DYI it certainly is comprehensive. Ingrid’s writing is easy to read, understand and she laid out each weeks plan so I knew exactly what to do. I love that there were meal options, and there was some flexibility and no eating food I don’t like. The “gold nuggets” and the motivational quotes throughout added a nice touch. Through this book I was able to compete in a local competition where I placed second (Auckland) and credit much of it to All Figured Out which I followed to the letter as Ingrid suggested. Practical, sensible and flexible. I would recommend this to anyone who want’s to “go it alone”.

  2. Mia Schmidt

    I brought this book not to compete but to follow for 20 weeks and see what eventuated with my body as I was unhappy with where I was at. It was great that Ingrid highlighted how to adapt it to my individual weight and that I could exchange meals that I didn’t like if I wanted too. I liked how the start was laid it, the organisation, the initial measurement gathering, the gold nuggets as she calls them about things like estrogen dominance, how to shred your legs if they are your trouble spot and things like that. I am proud of myself for completing the 20 weeks at about 95% compliance and I feel and look so much better. I now have it as a handy resource and know what to do if I do regain body fat which hopefully I won’t.

  3. Emmaline Caper

    Not being able to afford a coach I jumped at the chance of a DIY comp prep at a bargain price in comparison. Ingrid Barclay writes from a wealth of experience and somehow conveys that the book is almost written just for me. There are ways to change things to suit my preferences. I also value that she wrote the number 1 concern should be our health and not our placing which made me feel good about following the nutrition as she wasn’t about cutting calories ridiculously nor advocating heaps of cardio. I didn’t feel like I was enduring a campaign of “starvation”, instead I felt healthy, energised and came in nice and lean. The peak week tips were very useful. If you don’t wish to use a coach for whatever reason have this as your bedside coach.

  4. Janey Robertson

    “Impressed with the thoroughness of this eBook, obviously the author put a lot of thought and time into it. Loved all the extra hints.”

  5. Grace Robertson

    I committed myself 100% (with three muck ups) to the 20 weeks. My body fat loss was amazing. Yet I felt good, I was lifting good weights and felt plenty of “zap” in my day to day living. I didn’t use it to compete but a couple of people said that I should have signed on for a competition. I don’t think it matters if you want to compete or not AFO is an informative guide to get lean and feel good.

  6. Saffron Lowe

    4 and a half stars. I brought the Body Cookquest on top as I wanted some of the tastier options as alternative meals. I completed the training programs that were challenging. It was good that most of the exercises were on her You Tube channel. I enjoyed the challenges and liked how she suggested to construct my cardio. I now understand the concept of “cardio inefficiency”. Easy to follow, clear directives, nothing I didn’t like.

  7. Harlow Lyon

    I love All Figured Out. Nutrition check. Training programs check. Cardio check. Useful extra information check. Peak week check. Motivational tips check. I recommend this to anyone who wants the whole transformation in a step by step guide, and 20 weeks isn’t a crazy time frame.

  8. Kerry Suiker

    Happy with purchase. Informative and easy to follow steps.

  9. Charlotte Miller

    I used AFO to prep for my competition in Lexington (US) after following Ingrid for a long time on her Facebook page. She writes with so much sense. The 20 weeks was well mapped out with lots of competitor tips along the way. I learned a lot about “chrononutrition” and learnt that I hadn’t been eating the right foods at the right times, so this eBook really nailed this for me. I am 46 and until now had never seen my ab muscles but I knew they were there somewhere. I love how I look and had a photoshoot the day before my competition as well as all the photos of the day. I wish I could share them here as I changed so much. If you want to prepare for a competition without a coach this is an excellent choice and I would recommend this book to anyone.

  10. Kim Davies

    I used All Figured Out for my second competition in figure as I like Ingrid’s philosophies. I provided Ingrid with an email testimonial not long after as I had improved a lot with the help of AFO. Recently Ingrid sent me a copy of the third edition to see what I thought of her additions with respect to handling the post competition phase.
    I feel that her explanations with respect to handling social situations is very important to virtually every competitor. Understanding the behaviours of closet bingeing, feelings of being out of control, goalless, feeling “alone”, not understood are all very real, and scary feelings post competition.
    I loved that Ingrid provides tasks to do that force you to create your own coping solutions which really gets you thinking. In addition to her updates in the Body Cook fest where there are meals to take to parties, BBQ’s and the like that are healthy without looking obsessive is also really valuable. It is reassuring to read a book where the coach appears to think of everything and attempts to solve problems before they even arise.
    I congratulate Ingrid on her improved edition, AFO gets better and better.
    Sincerely Kim Davies, Culver City, USA

  11. Emily Adamson

    Best comp prep book I could find on the market. It will teach you what you need to know in a no BS way, and with no powders, drops, gimmicks. Just Ingrid’s straight up facts. I think it would have been good to include the Body Cookfest recipes in it instead of having to purchase it hence the 4 stars. But other than that if you want to save a bunch of money, get results, cut the crap, then action her book. Best gift you can give yourself.

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