Body Cookfest eBook
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Would you like to take the guesswork out of your meals?

To be able to feed the whole family what you are eating and they will consider it “delicious”?

Like to understand what meals are best for your post-workout meals?

Enjoy a rating scale so you understand the implications of your meal choices?

Do you need fast, delicious and nutrient dense meal choices?

Into its third edition the Body Cookfest contains over 170 different recipes from starters, to soups, mains, deserts and now dishes that you can take to social occasions without going off your nutrition plan but no-one will realise they are super healthy dishes! Perfect to avoid having to justify “why you are eating in a particular way”.

From protein ice-cream at a 1★ rating to herb and citrus turkey burgers ★, from pan-stewed cauliflower with chicken and spinach ★ to the muscle taco ★ or ★★★ if it’s a post-workout choice you can find some wonderfully tasty dishes to help you gain muscle and lose bodyfat.

With clear directions on the “how too” this is such a handy resource for any person or family who are looking to improve their eating via metabolically precise meals, without knowing that it’s all “nourishing” options!

5 reviews for Body Cookfest eBook

  1. Simone Manning

    I love the Cookfest. It’s full of easy to make meals that taste great, some can be easily eaten in the car, or when I am in a rush. I also like the star system so I know when the best time to eat that meal is. I am looking forward to trying some of the new editions. I know with the meals being MP precise that I am getting the macro’s I need to help me look, feel and perform well.

  2. Jacinta Spadon

    I love the Cookfest. It has been confusing over the years going on all kinds of diets. The Cookfest focuses on balance. I also now know what kinds of meals to consume after I train. By sticking mostly to the 1 and 3 stars in Ingrid’s challenge I lost over 100mls in skinfolds and felt amazing. I mostly used recipes from here. Highly recommend it.

  3. Taylor Heard

    Love the new updates Ing. I’m someone who struggles with parties/weddings and stress about food options. I like the new recipes especially the ones to take to functions that aren’t things where people go “Oh she’s on a diet”.

  4. Elizabeth Geary

    Great, healthy recipes. Sometimes the quantity to consume once cooked wasn’t quite clear. But I use it a lot!

  5. Leah Davidson

    Great healthy recipes and I liked it covered everything from appetisers through to deserts. The only thing was sometimes I wasn’t sure what the serving sizes were. That could have been clearer. Still, handy to have for sure.

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