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Do you know the #1 reason most people never achieve their health and fitness goals? It has nothing to do with their diet, workout routine, supplement stack, or work ethic.

Sure, those are important. But the #1 reason is what I call their “self-concept,” which refers to a bundle of beliefs one has about themselves.

Let me give you an example: I often have overweight and obese people reach out to me who are desperate to lose the excess kilograms but who never before managed to do so.

They tried every diet plan, workout routine, and supplement under the sun and might even have gone for more aggressive approaches like starving themselves or using dangerous pharmaceuticals such as say duramine.

Their problem is that they view themselves as fat and not worthy of looking fantastic. Those beliefs are so deeply ingrained into their subconscious that they’ll fall into self-destructing habits.

They know what they should be doing exercise and nutrition wise. And while they might be able to stay on track for a couple of days or even weeks, things will eventually go downhill fast.

As soon as they start to see some success, their subconscious begins to rejoice. It cannot deal with the positive changes because that contradicts their self-concept, leading to self-sabotage.

If that sounds familiar, my new Self-Concept program offers you a solution. In it, you’ll discover:


My science-based step-by-step formula for getting rid of self-sabotage while triggering your subconscious mind to choose what’s best for you day in and day out.
How to reprogram your mind by replacing your old self-image with your new self-image through “the mother technique of all learning.”
How to develop your “picture card.” (This is the most exciting and life-changing part of your Self-Concept journey. Implement this and your life will never be the same.)

Proven techniques fall in love with yourself again using a variety of compassionate exercises rooted in mindfulness and positive psychology.

How to get your new “mental pictures” accepted by your subconscious mind as real so that they’ll manifest into your life.

Journaling exercises that’ll help you tap into your emotions and let go of limiting beliefs (includes writing space for reflection and introspection).

Empowering affirmations that boost your positivity and nurture you.

You even have the option of “being accountable” to me, Ingrid and can send your picture card and new inner dialogue to me via email for me to peruse and provide some feedback for you. Yes, I care! I would feel honoured if you revealed the “new you” to me and I am keen to see the self-work you have put in.

And much more.

Best of all? You can get this self-concept course risk-free because I back you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the materials, email me at for a prompt and courteous refund.

Sound fair? Then click the “add to cart” button, make your purchase, and let’s start today! I promise that your life, and especially your health and fitness, will never be the same.

6 reviews for Self Concept eBook

  1. Simone Manning

    When I had my first consultation with Ingrid she told me I had to give my body 2 weeks rest because I was overtrained. We started to do work in the office instead. I thought mental stuff would be a bit dull but because I had nothing to lose I had decided whatever Ingrid suggest I do, I was going to do it.

    The picture card was nearly the first thing that we did together. It wasn’t so much the picture but the “3 “p”‘s that are “hidden” in the goal card. My whole outlook on the mental side of things is so different to what it used to be and I have a lot more confidence and I credit Ingrid to a lot of it. And to me as I have really tried!

    Don’t worry about killer ab workouts, how you are going to get a perky butt or what supplements to use. Work on your self-concept and this book will show you how. It’s your key.”

  2. Georgie Fullham

    I had to do a lot of soul searching reading this. Once I realised the self-imposed limitations I have been putting on myself for years, with Ingrid’s help I feel like I can now smash them to smithereens. I found Ingrid’s actual story and “picture card” incredible, she hit the nail right on the head. If you haven’t been able to get your body fat under “control” this is the book you need.

  3. Chloe Monroe

    This is my game-changer. Thanks Ing, great writing as always. You make so much sense.

  4. Terry Piccone

    I am glad I did self-concept before the emotional eating course. I had no idea about my childhood conditioning and how it still affects me. Now I do and I can change it. Ingrid is well aware that bodies are a very emotional topic, so when I had a few tears at one point I wasn’t embarrassed at all. I do suggest you need to be ready to go back into your past. The picture card homework was great and so far it is working well.

  5. Carrie Rose

    Seed stories and childhood programming. Who knew? This is a very beneficial exercise to do before beginning any challenge or change in your fitness. Great little eBook

  6. Jill Mayfield, Adelaide

    Well written. Hard work. The picture card is great. Challenging limiting beliefs you have had for decades is not easy though. Ingrid has some solid ideas.

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