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Have you ever started a weight loss program, and while the first few days or even weeks went well, you undid all your progress because stress triggered you to binge?

If so, you’re not alone. Emotional eating is the number one reason most weight loss programs fail. It means you use food to cope with emotions like stress, overwhelm, sadness, loneliness, frustration, and boredom.

Here’s a quick test to see if you suffer from emotional eating:

• Do you eat to relieve unpleasant emotions?
• Do you have moments where you can’t stop eating?
• Do you sometimes feel guilty after eating?
• Do you have trouble losing weight?
• Do you have random food cravings out of the blue?
• Do you sometimes think of eating even though you’re already full?
• Do you use emotionally-charged words to describe food like “bad” or “wrong”?

If you answered “yes” to two or more of the questions, you suffer from emotional eating, and if you don’t fix it, it’ll be near impossible to lose weight/fat and keep the kilograms off.

The good news? Over the last eight years, I’ve been OBSESSED with helping clients and myself cure emotional eating.

I absorbed all the information I could find on it, spoke to leading experts, read hundreds of scientific studies, and did countless experiments to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

The result? I developed a simple but powerful system that helped me FINALLY conquer emotional eating. Best of all? I:

• stay lean year-round even though I have not weighed myself or measured my body fat percentage since 2016 (powerlifting competition weigh-ins being the only exception)
• haven’t binged once after 25 years of frequent binge eating followed by starving myself in the hope to lose weight (which didn’t work, made me feel like crap, and perform poorly).
• don’t think twice at the supermarket, perform zero mental gymnastics regarding food, am no longer emotionally attached to food, and see food as a solution to strength, power, and health instead of a problem. Come on, now that’s cool, seeing food as your SOLUTION.
• love my physique, am the happiest I’ve ever been with my body, and feel sexy and confident at 53. I never, ever thought I would be able to feel that.

Also, when I used my “cure emotional eating blueprint” with clients, the results have been PHENOMENAL!

It helped females who before could never lose weight even if their lives depended on it to manage their emotional eating habits, lose kilos, and keep them off.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to the End Emotional Eating course. In it, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know about emotional eating and how to overcome it, including how to:

• find the hidden emotional eating factors that sabotage your nutrition plan… and what you can do about them.
• use belief power instead of willpower to transform your body and create much healthier relationships with food.
• use the AWARE principles, which are five powerful steps to overcome emotional eating most easily and comfortably.
• identify limiting beliefs and replace them with new, more constructive ones. (This will not only help you cure emotional eating, but it’ll also benefit every other aspect of your life, including relationships.)
• optimise your social inventory (you are who you surround yourself with).
• distinguish between physical hunger and emotional hunger (most people get this wrong)… and what you should do with it.
• combat negativity and avoid succumbing to peer-group pressures. (so many gals get stressed about upcoming parties, weddings and social occasions and this is nuts.
• and much more!

As a result, you’ll start to be in control of your food intake instead of the other way around, which means you’ll no longer have to perform mental gymnastics, leading to superior health and fitness results and a much more settled brain.

Now, before you buy this course, one important disclaimer: this product is not for everyone. The people this works well for:

• are NOT too single-minded. This course will challenge your current beliefs. And many of the things you’ll learn go against what other “gurus” preach is best.
• are NOT looking for a quick fix. This won’t be anything like popping a magic pill (those don’t exist anyway and you KNOW that so why not do something once, and properly)?
• and do NOT lack the motivation to take action, because to reap the rewards, you must implement what you’ll learn. As Brene’ Brown says “you need to do the work”

If you’re single-minded, want a magic bullet, or lack the motivation to take action, DO NOT BUY THIS COURSE. You’d be wasting your time.

But if you are open-minded, ready to conquer emotional eating, and eager to finally reach your health and fitness goals, add this to your cart today. Be a sponge, soak it up and action my plan. That’s it. Be a “doer” and be done with “fat days” once and for all.

If you’re ready to finally put an end to your emotional eating and take back control, click the “add to cart” button now, select the type of course you want to complete (either one-on-one or virtual), and get started today!


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You must be prepared to journal for the 4 weeks. You must be prepared to do the homework and the practical work requested so as to glean as much as you can from the course. You must also be happy to speak openly but in complete confidence to me. The more you can express yourself the more you will take away with you.

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One-on-One, Self Guided

7 reviews for End Emotional Eating – Course

  1. Julie McDonald

    I was an on-line client of Ingrid’s roughly 4 years ago. I was the “eat clean” and then “let it all go” of an evening kind of girl. No matter what I did I couldn’t seem to break the habit. Although the whole course was fantastic, step 4, 1 tiny thing made all the difference for me. A small adjustment in my lifestyle that Ingrid brought to my attention. I am a teacher and as such, get highly stressed. I used to wake up, hit the gym, train, work, go home ands sometimes have a glass of wine. Not always but often enough to sabotage me, the wine would lead me to poor decision making with food – I just “didn’t care”. And so the cycle went on. Ingrid said “Julie, why don’t you try this for 4 weeks and see what happens? Get up, eat a healthy meal 1, go to work, go to the gym to de-stress AFTER school and see what happens”. Well, I stuck it out for 4 weeks and haven’t looked back. Something as simple as changing the order in which you do things matters. I used the gym to “de-stress” and then didn’t want to “blow all my hard training” when I got home, felt decompressed and was able to make healthy choices. This course is revealing in so many ways but I have been able to obtain the level of bodyfat I wanted and am much happier now. I recommend this course and Ingrid’s ability to see situations and change them.

  2. Apinya Chuo

    I found Ingrid Barclay through her Facebook page Figure it out. I made contact explaining my relationship with food had demised since my move from my hometown in Thailand to Los Angeles. I wanted actionable steps to follow not a bunch of useless guidelines on how to stop a binge that you find on google. The AWARE principle achieved this gloriously. Step 3 was my game-changer. Ingrid made me choose a reward system for every time I had a small win with food. I chose to purchase a plant to remind me of home as my flat was in the midst of the LA concrete jungle. I wish I could attach a photo of my balcony. Plant’s galore. I loved “social impression management” and re-writing my beliefs about food which have now changed profoundly. If you are like me and sick of food failure Ingrid’s course on emotional eating and how to end it is invaluable I just loved it, and she is so caring throughout the process. If you are sitting on the fence, don’t, just sign up I am sure you too can stop.

  3. Annette

    If you ever wanted to understand why you do what you do where food is concerned, this course is for you.
    It will make you think about things you never would have considered.
    You will dig deep and have ‘aha’ moments.
    But make no mistake, this course is not just like any other mindfulness eating course. Ingrid will make you think, dig deep, make you uncomfortable but that is exactly what you need to face your demons.
    Go get it, it’s here for you to achieve your goals.
    Absolutely helped me, although I still have a long way to go, Ingrid’s words and my thoughts still reverberate through my head.

  4. Terry Piccone

    After doing Ingrid’s emotional eating course I have been better equipped to deal with feelings in a manner that isn’t counter productive to my gym goals. My favourite part was probably examining my beliefs about food. I had no idea what they even were, and I have had to work hard to replace them. Ingrid does not preach “perfect” but what occurs habitually, MOST of the time so I like the balance. I now have belief power instead of willpower which never lasted longer than 20 weeks for me, and that was for a competition. The social inventory was also very revealing. Ingrid ran her zoom meetings on time and always followed up with promised material promptly. Very professional and also understanding. Conquer binging – do this course for sure!

  5. Glenda Cocks

    Although I have never had an eating disorder I think most people have had some issue with food and their bodies. I’m often surrounded by my co-workers that have given up this food, or on that diet or now taking some type of supplement to speed up the process of losing weight. This course did a great job of reframing my thinking around how judgmental we can be about ourselves and the negative thoughts that go through our head. It also provided me with actionable steps to take and gave me a lot of homework examining my beliefs around food. She didn’t force a program or a way of eating on you but made you stop to question things that go far beyond eating. Wish I had found this years ago, well worth it.

  6. Edeme Bishank

    All women should do this. It was incredibly revealing and I learn’t alot. Don’t expect it to “magically work” though. You have to do the work and put into action all of the suggestions. Beginning my journal immediately.

  7. Heather Bissett

    Ingrid Barclay’s emotional eating course – the strongest appetite suppressant on the market!

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