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Contest Preparation Program that will leave the competition in awe!



A Contest Preparation Program that will leave the competition in awe!

Body Conquest has been heavily involved in all aspects of ‘prep’ for more than 25 years with a very strong track record of success.

Ingrid and her team will prep you all the way to stage, achieving 3 key things:

  • to feel better
  • to look amazing
  • to perform better in all aspects of your life (not just your training!).

This means doing your preparation in a manner that optimises your health whilst getting you into amazing (and winning) shape and condition.

We prep you in manner that is conducive to your food sensitivities, your proclivities, your likes and dislikes. Your training is based upon what is do-able and maintainable for you during the timeline of your preparation. We are not one trick ponies. This means we do not have one way to diet you to stage. We have prepped via several different methods — ones that worked well on a number of levels for that individuals and may include but not be restricted to :

  • lower carb (NEVER no carb)
  • keto
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • aquavarian
  • raw food
  • MP
  • high fat

Your health is our highest priority

We focus on the nutrient density of food not just the calorie and macro breakdown. We believe we must eat the highest quality food in the highest quality form. This means we eat nearly all foods that we can catch, pull out of the ground or pick of a tree. Man-made, manufactured, boxed foods with ingredients that we cannot begin to pronounce tend to be omitted. Our plans are alkaline based, and have a particular focus on being anti-inflammatory. We promise that we will have you eating plenty of good wholesome foods that provide your body with the balanced nutrition it needs during this testing phase.

Our ethos on cardio

Cardio is only the fourth cog in the wheel to being stage ready. We are prepping you for a weights based sport so the emphasis is where it should be: on your resistance training and nutrition. Our motto is “feed the muscle, burn the fat”. We nearly always lift the workload before we decrease food as we believe training the fat off not starving it off.

Therefore we are not a fan of cardioing the bejesus out of you and dieting you on bird seed. This is neither a good look, nor healthy. Many of our clients cardio only once or twice a week. Cardio will be structured according to an individual’s:

  • division
  • level of leanness at the beginning
  • time constraints
  • amount of lean muscle
  • enjoyment of cardio and other variables.

10 reviews for Pro Coaching Package

  1. Krystal Chugg

    After training as an elite athlete as a teenager I got to university age and then started work and priorities other than healthy eating and training took over. Before I knew it, I had put on weight, lost self-confidence and was generally feeling unhealthy.
    I tried several times to ‘diet’ and motivate myself with various exercise / eating regimes, none of which I had the motivation or accountability to stick to. After seeing me struggle through this my partner decided to get me some ‘help’ so he found Ingrid’s website and got me in touch with her.
    Ingrid has been my online personal trainer for over 2 years now. I could not be happier with the results I have achieved due to Ingrid’s extensive knowledge, continual support, encouragement, perseverance and belief in me. Ingrid has got to know me well and is able to understand when I need a gentle shove or rather large push in the right direction or when to help me ‘chill out’ or go a bit easier on myself. Ingrid pushes me to my limit which allows me to achieve my absolute best possible results with my personal health and fitness. I really enjoy working with Ingrid and look forward to her emails, phone calls and text messages.
    Ingrid ALWAYS gets back to me within 24 hours about any concerns or to answer any of my annoying little questions, no matter how silly they may seem. Ingrid can design a number of different health and fitness strategies depending on what works for the individual and she is always friendly, polite and professional when dealing with me.

    Ingrid makes sure that my training and eating plans are flexible if needed and updates them regularly which really helps me to stay focussed and motivated, and not get sick of doing the same thing every week. It also means my body has to continually adapt to the new changes / demands Ingrid’s well thought out plans place on it, which results in continual improvements.

    I have enjoyed my new way of life so much that last year I decided to start training to compete in a bodybuilding figure competition, under Ingrid’s guidance. This is something I would never have dreamed of doing in the past but it just demonstrates how Ingrid’s programs have developed my confidence to the point where I am willing to go out of my comfort zone to try something different, and see what I can really achieve with my ongoing body transformation process.
    Ingrid and all of the Body Conquest staff and members were such a support to me during my preparation for the figure competition, held in May 2011. Even being an online client, I truly feel like a part of the Body Conquest family. Ingrid not only provided all of my eating and training plans for the competition, utilising her extensive knowledge, but also supported me through all of the emotional ups and downs of preparing for a competition. Ingrid and Body Conquest also supported me through all of the organising of costumes, music, tanning, choreography, etc., and they certainly made it heaps of fun along the way.

    Ingrid never fails to answer my questions or address my concerns and is so patient and supportive, as well as setting very high and clear expectations for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my figure competition experience and would love to do it again one day. I know I could not have done it without Ingrid and I am so glad and proud that I did. To anyone who is considering competing, go for it, you will not regret it. It is an amazing experience.

    Working with Ingrid to improve my health, fitness and eating habits has also helped me in many other areas of my life. For example, I looked great at my recent wedding, due to Ingrid’s ongoing help to keep my body in shape. I have also found that my sporting ability and general fitness is better than it has ever been in my life. I am now a very good runner and able to be competitive in sports that I have never been very good at in the past. It is a great feeling to work hard and get the results you are working towards. Ingrid has been a massive part of this improvement for me and I cannot thank her enough. She has changed my life and my lifestyle forever and I am so grateful to her.
    I would recommend Ingrid as on online personal trainer to anyone and everyone, no matter what your ability or experience as I believe everyone has something to learn from her and can benefit from the motivational, inspirational, educational fun way of life she promotes!

  2. Kirsten Engels

    I just wanted to take the time to write my thoughts on our comp prep.

    This is the second season we have worked together and we made a decision early on to aim for the World!! Literally! Our plan was to compete at my state comp, on to the nationals and finally culminate in a trip to the WFF World Championships on the Gold Coast. And guess what – we did it!!!!

    Nothing in comp preparation ever goes to a linear plan – anyone who says it does is being untruthful. My comp prep was no exception to this rule and it was a tough ride at times. But, true to your style, you got me there in the end and I stood on that stage with the best physique I have ever had. 18 months between competitions meant I had all-over growth and glowing condition that only sound training and nutrition coaching can achieve. There were no short-cuts, no uncalculated risks and no bro-science!! Just honest and sound coaching that included a huge dollop and love and care when things got tough.

    What I love most about working with you, Ingrid, is that you listen to me when I report back to you. I’m not just another name to fob off and I always get a personal response when I ask for one. We changed some of our approaches drastically during this prep and you weren’t afraid to get a little radical in the end to get me to the final goal. When I say ‘radical’ – I don’t mean stupid or idiotic (think hours of cardio and/or no food!). In fact, it was quite the opposite – more food, less cardio and way better results.

    I have to be honest and say that the most valuable tool you gave me was the push to listen to my own body and make some of my own decisions about my food intake in the last weeks. To clarify, this is my third competition season (over 3 years) and I am also an avid self-analyser. I have always hungered to learn more and am enthusiastic to implement strategies that may produce even better results. You recognised this and nudged me to do it. Not many coaches would be secure enough to allow a trainee to input into their own program. But you did and I am over the moon that you did!! I learnt so much and felt such a sense of responsibility to achieve our goals. My motivation was at an all-time high!

    So the outcome? Fifth in the WFF World Championships! FIFTH!! In a line-up that truly was World Class. I couldn’t be happier with my outcome and I could not be happier sharing the spotlight with you.

    You are so much more than ‘just a coach’ to me. You are a true friend, a woman I love and respect and a world class coach, judge, trainer and wealth of knowledge. I am honoured to be part of your team.

    All of my love

    5th Place, WFF World Champs

  3. Sophie Montgomery

    It was pure luck that I stumbled across Ingrid’s site when searching the internet for a local fitness coach, after deciding that I wanted to compete in a fitness model comp only 10 weeks out from my comp date. From the minute I met Ingrid I felt confident that this woman knew her stuff and that I couldn’t be in better hands to help me achieve my goal. It was Ingrid’s encouragement, direction and knowledge that kept me on track to succeed. She checked in with me weekly to track my progress. Gave me weekly meal plans that were specifically tailored to me and my needs & her 1 hour one on one personal training sessions over the 10 weeks taught me more in that time than I’ve learnt in 10 years….such a wealth of knowledge!

    Given it was my first comp, I won’t lie, I certainly felt nervous about the process and what to expect as the unknown daunted me. Thankfully Ingrid gave me some excellent reference material that I was able to read in my own time that took me through the process step by step. The books Figure it Out & All Figured Out have been beautifully written by Ingrid herself and really assisted me with the 1000 questions I had.

    If you’re thinking about competing or merely wanting to increase your health & fitness, I can’t recommend Ingrid Barclay enough! I certainly exceeded my own expectations of what I thought I could achieve by placing in both the Sport Model and Fitness Model category thanks to the team at Body Conquest. Stop procrastinating and take the leap, it will pay off tenfold

    Soph xx

  4. Sandra Patera

    When I decided to do a contest, I didn’t want to put anything less than 100% dedication into my goal. I strive for perfection and if I was going to compete, I wanted to bring the best possible “me” to the stage. I’ve always believed that when it comes to achieving something new in life, the way to success is to listen to someone who has already done what you’ve set out to do, and done it better. Therefore, when I decided to step on stage for the first time in May 2014, the hiring of a coach was an easy choice. Learn from the best.

    I hired Ingrid knowing I could trust in her guidance and the process 100% and I could just “have fun” every day kicking my own butt! Training with Ingrid Barclay has been a journey I will never forget – she is nothing less than an absolute champion. Not only has she helped to transform my figure with nutrition and workout plans, but has been a mentor and a friend. Even when things were tough, and I consciously questioned my progress, she would encourage me – which meant more than anything!

    She adjusted my diet and workouts each week to perfect my body for stage readiness. She was with me every step of the way from food to cravings to workouts and even right down to putting on my tan for stage. Nothing about working with Ingrid is generic or cookie cutter, she saw me through every step of the way. She made my first ever figure show an amazing experience and I was even able to bring home first place.
    Having Ingrid as my coach for my first contest prep was an invaluable lesson. Not only is her knowledge unquestionable, but also knowing that she walks the walk made it all that more difficult to step away from the plan. Because contest prep is hard – especially your first – there can be no doubts about the plan you are following. Since the plan was coming from Ingrid, I had none.

    While I mainly did all my correspondence via internet or phone, I never felt like I walked alone. Any question I had she attended to within a few days and on days when I was down and felt unmotivated, it was as if she knew because I would receive an encouraging text. When I swayed, even though I shouldn’t, she kept me accountable and didn’t sugarcoat it.

    I will not lie, if what you are looking for is a coach who allows you to make excuses and take the easy road even when you shouldn’t and always has positive things to say, Ingrid probably isn’t the coach for you. You have to be accountable and be willing to give it all you’ve got.

    I wouldn’t trade the experience of working with Ingrid for anything, especially as a first-time competitor. It helped me learn to do it the right way from the start. For my first show, I placed 1st in my Figure Class and qualified for the NABBA national, of which I decided to decline to concentrate on further growth and development. Not only did that experience motivate me to compete again, but also the lessons I learned from working with Ingrid has educated me in my everyday lifestyle.

    Three words that describe her are dedication, passionate and humble. In addition to these qualities, you will also find a great trainer and an even better friend.

    Ingrid continues to inspire not only myself, but also countless other people across Australia, as the wholesome, genuine woman who is full of knowledge in the health and wellness world. Her purpose to make a great impact and lead others into a healthy lifestyle is unquestionable.

    Working with Ingrid has changed my life for the better. Thank you, Ingrid, for all of your hard work that you put in for me as well as all your clients! I look forward to working with you again.

  5. Gracie Cartwright

    “I had so much fun competing, thank you Ingrid, for helping me to achieve my goal of steeping on stage. I enjoyed your diets and loved my training programs they were so good. I hope to do this again.”

  6. Jenn Carrington

    I want you to know how grateful I am to have found you, Ingrid.

    This year has been simply amazing for me, learning so much about nutrition, my body, and making the comp prep process truly an enjoyable and exciting one.

    I have gradually worked towards competing again with so much motivation, drive, and happiness.

    The support, guidance, and expertise you have shown me have blown me away. Not once have I doubted my decision to be part of Team BC or to compete.

    Even though I’ve only had a few months to prepare, I have reached my goal- to be fitter, stronger, and all-round healthier than last year.

    I know I will be able to see a huge improvement in these comps to last year, and that is what I aimed for.

    I have had a few moments where I’ve needed to keep my head straight, mainly training around an injury and mainly being patient with myself and reminding myself I’m doing my best.

    You are a fantastic coach, mentor, and friend. I am thrilled to represent team BC in the next few weeks and I hope I make you proud!

    Thank you for everything Ingrid.

  7. Tammy Hayes

    “Thanks Ingrid for helping me to achieve a long-held goal of mine. I have always loved fitness but never thought I could be “good enough” to compete. You have shown me to have more faith in myself and my abilities. It was also fun to be a part of a team – a part of something. I am proud to have worked with you Ingrid.”

  8. Caryn Cerantino

    “Ingrid Barclay is a superstar coach”

  9. Kylie Mitcham

    Ingrid thank you for a fantastic journey all the way to stage. Loved every minute of it.

  10. Cat Williams

    Thanks to Ingrid my stage experience was a good one. I loved how I looked on the day and it felt amazing to achieve my goal.

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