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40 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

41 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Today I thought I would share 41 fun/unknown/personal facts you didn’t know about me!

  1. I make up songs and special “dances” for my dogs Mac and Rollo I also had one for my old faithful Milly. One goes like this (sing in high pitched voice) Milly is a Milly Milly mol, Milly Milly mol, Milly, Milly mol). What’s worse, one time I sang it on a radio. Yup true story.
  2. I usually prefer the company of a good book over interactions with people.
  3. I correct people’s grammar in my head.
  4. The absolute biggest misconception about me is that I am “intimidating”. Nothing could be further from the truth – I am a giant marshmallow
  5. I used to get “D”’s in school reports for physical education.
  6. I read the back of a book in a bookshop one day, didn’t agree with what I read, so hunted up the author, asked her to be my supervisor in an honours thesis and set out to disprove what she had written. I was wrong (sexual politics – Melbourne University).
  7. I like to leave funny notes for people to find later. I imagine them smiling when they read the notes.
  8. I’m equally comfortable in a smoking hot dress or in Bombshell workout gear.
  9. My parents are the best role models I’ve ever had.
  10. My guilty obsessions are binge watching crime shows and changing into pj’s whenever I can.
  11. I would rather live feeling the urge to sneeze all the time than have permanent hiccups
  12. If I had to take 3 things to a desert island I would take a mattress, a friend and the game trivial pursuit
  13. My first pet was a dog named Sebastian
  14. I have a “thing” for soft toys. I can’t get enough teddy bears.
  15. Favourite place I have ever been is Dubrovnik and I love the island of Kuhn where my mum has a house!
  16. I value my true friends more than they’ll ever know.
  17. I don‘t really dig jewellery, shoes, shopping or handbags???? WTF!!!
  18. Oh, you want to shake my hand – here is a grizzled paw for you to shake. I wear my calluses like a badge of honour. J
  19. IN movies I am WAY more emotional about animals getting hurt and treated badly than I am about humans.
  20. I love coffee, cheese, pizza, chocolate pudding with sauce and anything my mum cooks.
  21. I rarely train abs.
  22. I follow the Melbourne Demons football club.
  23. I have a crush on Will Brink and Chris Aceto, I think they are both amazing
  24. My three closest friends do not remotely resemble each other in any way, shape or form.
  25. One fascination I have is – at what age can I not personal best my squat and deadlift anymore. I am really curious to document that.
  26. My youngest brother was a twin and his name was Kristian and he survived 24 hours
  27. I was having a documentary made on me until COVID messed it up and I couldn’t go to San Diego where it was supposed to culminate. So, it had no ending. Agnnn ☹
  28. I wear pj’s at every possibly opportunity and usually buy Peter Alexander ones.
  29. I often dream about counting reps.
  30. Much of the documentary footage is about to be edited and made into smaller YouTube videos!
  31. My newest fitness person who I seriously think is very very clever is Menno Henselmens(VERY research bound)
  32. I am a Scorpio and seem to have most of the Scorpio traits
  33. I have lost my licence 4 times, all for losing over 12 demerit points – I have a naughty lead foot
  34. The dentist is my least favourite person ever.
  35. My year 9 English teacher said to my mum “Ingrid could be anything she want’s, she could become Australia’s Prime Minister”. Um, she got that wrong.
  36. I speak very fluent pig Latin
  37. Other than integrity my favourite word to describe myself is “kind”.
  38. I cancelled my own 50th birthday BBQ (with friends having bought plane tickets from interstate) due to massive anxiety
  39. Every year for the past 5 years my loneliest day is Christmas day
  40. The thing I am most passionate, motivated and caring about (other than family) is my staycations – my finest creation and fitness product with an incredible amount of value. A career culmination. 😊

Bonus! I have arguably the BIGGEST name ever in bodybuilding weighing in on my doco footage about women in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Did anything on this list surprise you?

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  • Emily Adamson

    I can’t believe you didn’t do well in PE at school. And losing your licence!! This was a fun blog thanks for letting your guard down.

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